Covid-19: Zoomlion disinfects Oti Region

Middle: Oti Regional Minister, Kwasi Yaw Yeboah

Zoomlion Ghana Limited, the waste management company, contracted by the Government of Ghana (GoG) to disinfect markets and streets of the country against the global pandemic corona virus has extended its exercise to cover the entire Oti Region.

The vector control unit of the company, with the assistance of the Ghana Fire Services and the Security Services (Military and Police), disinfected the streets and market places of selected towns in the Oti Region, over the weekend.

The disinfection exercise in the region was carried out by a team of 260 personnel of the company divided into 40 teams. In total, the streets of two municipalities, six district assemblies and 58 market places were fumigated during the exercise in the Oti Region.

Deputy Sanitation Minister and MP for Krachi East Constituency, Michael Yaw Gyato, addressing the media during the exercise, noted that the country has just launched a national sanitation and clean-up campaign in Accra to ensure the environment is kept clean during this critical time. Therefore, he is urging members of his constituency and the Oti Region in general to get involved and clean up their environment to keep healthy.

He also urged the various communities to observe all the various protocols put in place by the authorities of the region to ensure and maintain their own safety amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

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“Again, let me say that because the occupation of majority of our people here is farming, and they are residing in single rooms or chamber and hall with their family, social distancing will be difficult to ensure in the homes. I am therefore urging our people to go to the farm early in the morning when they wake up and come back late evening in order to practice self-isolation.

In the farms, the land size is big enough to ensure spacing and most of them also have cooking utensils among others in their farms for cooking so food and water will not be a challenge when on the farm,” he said.

Regional Minister for Oti, Nana Kwasi Owusu Yeboah, speaking during the Dambai fumigation exercise, indicated that the health practitioners in the region have been well equipped with PPEs required to do their work safely and effectively.

In addition, he stated that a Public Health Emergency Management Committee (PHEMC), has been put in place at the regional level and same has also been replicated at the district and municipal levels to ensure that they carry out the public education and sensitisation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I will like to take this opportunity to urge each household to ensure some level of isolation in their homes though there has not been any recorded case yet, we do not have to take things for granted and allow this danger to get to us.

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Having said that, I will also advise my people that as the Regional Health Director cautioned us yesterday, not to hide relatives and friends coming into the region from Accra and Kumasi where there is lockdown but bring them for health screening to ascertain their status to ensure that we do not import any cases in to our region,” he said.

The nationwide disinfection exercise has now covered 13 regions out of the 16 with Central, Western and Western North regions, to be fumigated this week.

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