Coronavirus: mPharma address drug supply shortage and price increase for chronic patients

photo credit: Andatech

Ghanaian-based pharmaceutical services company mPharma has said it is looking at ways to address what it sees as a potential drug supply shortage and price increases due to ongoing disruptions in the drug supply chains globally caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus.

The organisation has thus launched a price control programme for chronic patients dubbed ‘Mutti Keep My Price’.

India has imposed export restrictions on 26 essential drugs, according to The Guardian. In Ghana, there are growing concerns about the possible shortage of medicines and high price increase in some essential medical supplies such as the high cost of hand-sanitisers.

Speaking to the media, Gad Ocran, a spokesperson for the organisation said: “The Mutti Keep My Price programme for patients on chronic medications will help patients choose between a 3-month or 6-month price control plan. The price of their covered medication will not change irrespective of what happens in the market during the plan’s duration”.

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