Y Leaderboard Series hosts Hollard CEO, Patience Akyianu

Patience E. Akyianu

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Hollard Group in Ghana, Patience E. Akyianu, has graced the latest edition of the Y Leaderboard Series aired on Ghana’s number one urban station, Y107.9, touching on her upbringing, education, career, family life and life values.

With over 26 years’ experience in banking and finance, and having spent the recent 17 years in the banking industry, Patience Akyianu shared her journey in the industry; the risk she took, the learnings she had and the values she cherished most in the secular field.

The business leader in an exquisite conversation with Rev. Erskine shared that her father was an educationist who instilled in her a sense of discipline which she believes has shaped her into the disciplined person she is today.

She humorously related that her dad’s strictness made her feel that a boarding life in Wesley Girls’ Senior High School will be an escape for her. She admitted that such a thinking slowed her efforts in studying. “In my first year, I didn’t even have notes because I didn’t take notes in class,” she said.

She however revealed that such an attitude towards her studies was short-lived as she found her way back to being focused on her studies.

Speaking on furthering her education after Wesley Girls, she revealed that she always challenged herself to pursue great things and as such pursued an education in Finance.

She says, “I was very quantitative; I was very good with anything that had to do with figures. Even though I didn’t go on to do science or maths, whatever I chose had to have a strong maths foundation. Also, finance was a cool thing. Whatever I do, I try to aim for the best. I challenge myself.”

The insurer who started off as a Finance Manager at the Lincoln International School noted that she had to leave her work at the school because she could not see herself growing in that position.

“My contract with the school was a renewable one and I did the work of four people but that did not worry me. When it was time for my contract to be renewed, I declined because I could not see progress and growth for myself,” she said.

She noted that in giving praise where its due, she will always praise Standard Chartered for the adequate preparations or learnings she had in the industry. Despite her excellence in the industry, she shared that the motivating factor in her journey in the banking sector has been her cherished value of stewardship.

Programmes Manager for YFM Accra, Eddy Blay, commented that the series with Patience Akyianu has been one of inspiration.

“Patience Akyianu’s time on the Y Leaderboard Series was one filled with wisdom, passion and revelation. Personally, the key takeaways were the lesson on perseverance and the God factor,” he said, adding that: “this is why you don’t have to miss the Y Leaderboard Series for anything.  You never know whose story will be inspiring you.”

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