Ahaspora Professionals Network marks ninth anniversary


Ahaspora Professionals Network (Ahaspora), a network of young Ghanaian professionals who have lived abroad and returned home to make a difference, has, today, turned nine years.

“We celebrate nine years of service in Ghana through an annual give back campaign and mentorship programs that have reached over 800 high school students; Nine years of supporting, communicating and bringing Returnees together via professional and social events, online portal, jobs, financing and housing.

Nine years of growing meaningful partnerships with key government and non-governmental organizations such as Office of Diaspora Affairs at the Office of the Presidency, GHL Bank, Busy Internet, British High Commission and the African Diaspora Nation,” a statement from the institution said.

Over the years Ahaspora, a not-for-profit organization has evolved and become a key reference point for all Diasporans (regardless of their heritage) who are returning or intend to relocate to Ghana, make it home or do business and have a community of like-minded individuals to aid with the transition.

“At Ahaspora we have evolved over the years and we continue to adopt new ideas, procedures and partnerships which serves our community. We are deeply committed to being a one-stop-shop for all things Diasporan, whilst giving back and paying homage to our homeland Ghana,” Christabel Dadzie Founder and Chair of Ahaspora Professionals Network said.

At the turn of the new decade, Ahaspora themed 2020 as the ‘Year of Investment’ following on from a successful Year of Return in 2019. “Although we have not been able to realise our calendar of activities for this year, (because of the COVID-19 crisis), we are still working strategically to develop partnerships, build content and refine our portal to ensure our members are getting access to opportunities available in Ghana,” stated Ms Dadzie.

With over 3.000 members on the platform, Ahaspora is set to see its numbers grow over the next year as it continues with its Diaspora outreach programme and more people choose Ghana as their place to be.

Launch of mobile app

This year Ahaspora is set to launch their mobile app which will provide ease for its members to navigate services and opportunities available, read or post questions to be answered by the community, and donate whilst on-the-go or at the comfort of their sofas.

At Ahaspora, we are presently working on a partnership with the European Union office in Accra, International Organization for Migration (IOM), African Diaspora Nation, Afropolitan Cities and maintain our great collaboration with the British High Commission, US Embassy and Office of Diaspora Affairs under the Presidency to enhance opportunities and access to our network.

“At this point of our journey we want to say thank to all of our partners including GHL Bank, Busy Internet, Citi FM and TV, Ashesi University, Yale University, Higherlife Foundation, our patrons and most importantly our members who keep us going. Ahaspora was just an idea, and to see it be resourceful and in existence after 9 years is a testament to its value and importance,” commented Ms Dadzie.

Despite how 2020 is playing out Ahaspora is committed to serving the community and aligning itself for the best opportunities and causes.

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