Russian President lauds Yandex

Russia President, Vladimir Putin, has described Yandex, the parent company of Yango, as one of his country’s leading companies on the African continent.

Mr. Putin spoke at the Africa Summit and Forum in Sochi Resort in Russia and noted that Yandex was committed to bringing up-to-date intelligent technologies from Russia to Africa.

The Summit and Forum was attended by various African leaders, including President Nana Akufo-Addo as well as Yango’s Global Expansion Director, Musheg Sahakian.

Mr. Sahakian shared latest updates on Yango’s global expansion and success in general. Yango and other services of Yandex currently work in 18 countries, including Ghana and Ivory Coast.

Currently, over 700,000 drivers are working with the service on an active basis. Thanks to the company’s technologies, drivers and partners benefit a lot, earning about US$5 billion in the two – only in Russia.

Mr. Sahakian stressed that good earnings for drivers together with affordable prices and high-quality service for users have been made possible due to the unique Yandex ecosystem of services (Search, Maps, Navigations, Artificial Intelligence, Voice Assistant and 90 others), which distinguishes it from its competitors.

“Russia is going back to Africa with a high-tech product. The quality of our IT solutions is seen in the fact that Russia is the only market where domestic internet services compete successfully with major global players in open competition,” stated Mr. Sahakian.

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Mr. Sahakian also spoke about Yandex’s self-driving cars which are currently being tested in several countries and already made 1,000,000 miles of driverless rides. These are ‘ideal drivers’: they never get tired or need to sleep, they obey rules and self-learn over millions of hours of driving experience.

He said, “While the future is coming, and cars still need drivers, Yango pays great attention to the safety and security of rides. Yango’s technologies can automatically track speed and driving behavior can check how long a driver has been behind the wheel, automatically ban policy violators from the system, and even conduct technical and visual vehicle inspections. What’s more, Yango’s own cameras can track a driver’s fatigue and attention analyzing their mimics and eye movement in a real-time mode.”

“To sum things up, I want to just say again that we’re focused on and care about Africa. We see a continent with tremendous potential and a great will to working with Russian companies. Here’s to hoping this forum will help all of us start an even more productive dialogue,” Mr. Sahakian added.

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