Tax stamp taskforce focuses on Central Business District

The Head of the Tax Stamp Taskforce Unit at the Ghana Revenue Authority, (GRA) Mr. Kwabena Anto Apau, has cautioned retailers not to display products for sale without tax stamps affixed on them, as the taskforce’s exercise will focus on inspecting alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the central business district of Accra for tax stamp compliance.

“Anybody who flouts the directives will face the law. The public must always look out for products with the excise tax stamp and desist from patronising those without them,” he stressed.

Mr. Apau said this during a media briefing after the taskforce had embarked on an operation at the central business district of Accra as part of the Authority’s mainstream strategy to monitor and enforce excise tax stamp on products for policy compliance.

It was also to boost to sensitisation of the excise tax law as well as ensure that the necessary taxes and duties are paid on products. The policy is to ensure that the products are not counterfeited to protect the health of consumers and help generate more revenue for the nation.

The taskforce team visited Danbri Company Limited, a distributor of pharmaceutical products. It was revealed that the company has its tax certificate intact, while some of the depots visited in the shops all had their tax stamps affixed on the products.

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Mr. Apau said the exercise will continue to Friday, February 22, with a focus on all carbonated drinks, energy drinks and alcoholic drinks in the central business district.

“In the past, we have visited the malls and other businesses outside the central business area; but this time we are in Makola, and we will be visiting places in Kaneshie, Okaishie and other areas to continue with the exercise,” he said.

He said the taskforce has, however, noticed that some local and imported products were not affixed with tax stamps, stressing that there is a need to streamline the system.

On the seized products, Mr. Apau said after 31 days if the owners fail to report to the Authority and explain why they did not have the stamps, they will forfeit them.

Additionally, their outfit will trace the manufacturer of seized products to ascertain why they were not affixed with tax stamps, since some the products were manufactured in January, 2019.

The Tax Stamp Policy, which emanates from the Excise Stamp Act 2013 (Act 873), was launched in September 2018.

The Tax Stamps are small stickers with security features supplied by government to some manufacturers and importers to be affixed on their products before release onto the market.

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