Managing your expenditure during last qtr. of the year

The Golden Rule of Personal Finance is: ‘Spend less than you earn’

The last quarter of the year always comes with huge expenditure, and this requires planning.

Most people may end the year with huge debts due to excessive expenditure, mostly in December, which may impact the start of the New Year.

How do you prevent this situation?

  1. Try and make all your purchase for the festive season in October and November to avoid the price hikes in December.
  2. Cut down on your fuel usage at least 50%+ in the month of October and November to save it for December errands.
  3. Prepare a budget for the month of December and make sure you stick to it. Make sure you spend within your December budget.
  4. Have a plan in place to manage unexpected expenses, especially in December.
  5. Avoid taking credit in December if you are not expecting extra income to offset it in the New Year.
  6. Get a side-gig/hustle or second income to support whatever you already earn in salary/income.

Note:  Don’t start the new year with debt.

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