Ram 2500 Power Wagon – an awe-inspiring wagon

One of the finest road trips of my life was driving the Ram 2500 Power Wagon highway pickup truck assessment test on the Accra-Tema motorway. Not only was it a breath-taking in its beauty, but the off-road pickup truck was also pretty overwhelming in its capability—none more so than the best-test Ram 2500 Power Wagon.

I just couldn’t quiver the impression the Ram 2500 Power Wagon made on me; this extremely capable pickup was more than comfortable on-road, unstoppable off of it, and capable of hauling 1,466 pounds or towing 9,910. Someone asked, was it just a ride or a vacation ardour, or was there more to it? Thankfully, Ram helped me scratch that desire for another taste of what a grand huge pick-up means in the 2018 Ram 2500 Power Wagon.

Over the past few months and about 22,264 miles of which the vehicle has moved, the Power Wagon has proven itself to be one of the best off-road-oriented pickup trucks on the market. Powered by a trusty 410-horsepower 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 with a six-speed auto, four-wheel drive, locking front and rear disparities, electronically disconnecting anti-roll bars, a Warn crank rated for 12,000 pounds, there wasn’t much the Power Wagon wasn’t capable of.

At the start of its stay with me, it helped my family and me explore remote stretches of Suhum – Nkawkaw route, it yanked stuck some pick-ups, SUVs and others from sand and rocky places, and it was even quite the commuter, with its exceptional visibility and responsive powertrain making this sky-riding pickup far better in Africa’s tight traffic and narrow streets than I would ever expected it to be.

And whereas many of our long-term vehicles inevitably end up taking it easy their last month in garages as other projects take precedence, the Power Wagon has instead gone out with a bang. For example, it towed a 20-foot flatbed trailer carrying a 1949 Cadillac 62 Sedanette for a story celebrating its 70th anniversary, in America. The Power Wagon hardly noticed the extra weight of the classic Cadillac; its ride remained composed, its brakes strong, and engine and transmission cool, even when towing up an incredibly steep 4-mile-long hill. The extra torque from a diesel engine option would have been nice up that slope, but the new eight-speed automatic on the 2019 Ram Power Wagon could achieve similar results.

Not long after its day towing a Cadillac around the valley outside of Akropong, the Power Wagon got to stretch its legs on one of the best overland trails. The Power Wagon is primarily here to transport and all that the Ram brings to the table gives us no doubt that if one of our start trucks is gotten stuck, the Ram would be able to free it.

The Ram tackles lots of abusive path without serious issue.

What hasn’t been cheap is fuelling the Ram. Power Wagons are only available with an 89-octane-drinking 6.4-liter V-8, and the truck averaged 10.9 mpg over its stay with us. (A more efficient Cummins diesel I-6 is available on the rest of the Ram Heavy Duty line-ups but isn’t offered on the Power Wagon because it doesn’t leave enough room for the hoist.). Certainly pricey, but I imagine most Power Wagon buyers know what they’re in for once they bring one of these home.

Ultimately, “home” is the word I most associated with the Ram 2500 Power Wagon during its stay with me. I always looked forward to getting into it, whether it be to simply commute to the office in the morning or to head out into a vacation into wilderness with my sweetheart, kid and pets. I started out this year wanting to learn whether my fondness for the Power Wagon was just a vacation fling or if it really was true love. I’m happy to report that it’s definitively the latter. My next long-termer is going to have enormous big shoes to fill—both literally and figuratively.

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