Professor Douglas Boateng honoured for his significant contribution to supply chain management

Professor Boateng, right, receiving his honour

…CISCM AGI and CILT confer a life time achiever award on him

The Ghana’s Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management (CISCM), together with the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), have awarded Professor Douglas Boateng with its first ever joint Global Supply Chain Management Lifetime Achiever Award.

Professor Douglas Boateng, Africa’s first ever appointed Professor Extraordinaire for supply and value chain management (SBL UNISA), is an International Professional Chartered Director, an adjunct academic and continues to play leading academic and industrial roles in supply chain strategy development and implementation, both in Africa, and around the world.

Recognising Professor Boateng for his commitment to facilitating and bringing attention to the crucial linkages between pan African development and supply chain management practices, the three institutions expressed an alignment between Prof Boateng’s approach and their own institutional goals and acknowledged his positive influence on Ghana and the region’s industrialisation and economic development.

Professor Douglas Boateng has over 25 years’ experience in the field of supply chain management and is recognised as a global thought leader in the areas of emerging-world industrialisation, supply chain management, logistics, procurement and governance.

His recent works have focused on highlighting the need to enhance strategic supply chain thinking and education as a tool for promoting and realising a Ghana and Africa beyond aid. As part of this he has called for a harnessing of the power of supply chain management and the newly achieved Africa Continental Free Trade Africa Area (AfCFTA) as a means to promote long-term industrialisation, job creation and sustainable development on the continent.

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Highlighting the role of supply chain management in Ghana and the region, Prof Boateng said: “Without supply chain management thinking Ghana, and the region as a whole, will not be able to industrialise, develop its infrastructure, create real jobs and wean itself off aid. It is therefore imperative that policy makers and business leaders embrace, with a matter of urgency, supply chain management as a strategic function.”

Richard Obeng Okrah, CISCM President, speaking on the award and importance of strategic supply chain management practices in Ghana said: “misguided policies which have resulted in lacklustre local and regional growth can be reversed through supply chain management thinking. Supply chain management provides a healthy performance-driven challenge to business as usual in emerging world development initiatives.”

Twum-Akwaboah, CEO of AGI congratulated Professor Boateng on his award and drew attention to the need for supply chain management to be recognised as a key tool for emerging world development.

“Policy makers and decision makes can no longer be oblivious to the fact that structural transformation and industrialisation, as key measurements of development in the emerging world, are dependant of strategic supply chain thinking.

Professor Boateng’s contribution to global supply chain management thinking over the years continue to have a positive impact on how c-suite executives and policy makers view supply chain management and long term economic development.

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“CILT is proud to be associated with bestowing him with the first ever joint life time achiever award for both his academic and industrial work in this strategically important area,” said Ebo Hammond, President of CILT.

Commenting on the Global Supply Chain Management Icon award, Professor Douglas Boateng expressed his appreciation. “This award is humbling and I accept it with great gratitude. I am looking forward to seeing the impact that an enhanced use of strategic supply chain management thinking can have for development and industrialisation in Ghana and across the continent.”

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