Miss Ghana 2019: the search for a new queen begins

And with that, the search begins for Ghana’s new queen. It could be you as long as you are intelligent, eloquent and industrious. These are the qualities 2019’s Miss Ghana must possess to represent the nation not just locally but internationally.

At the Tang Palace Hotel in Accra, Exclusive Events Ghana, organiser of Miss Ghana pageant, in the presence of dignitaries including ministers and other stakeholders, launched the 2019 edition of the nation’s premier pageant.

Mariam Inna Patty, CEO of Exclusive Events Ghana assured that the organisation will continue to empower young women with the pageantry.

“Potential contestants watching or reading, we would like to reiterate that the Miss Ghana brand symbolises beauty with a purpose and as we have tried to showcase during the reign of Miss Ghana brand ambassadors each year. It has been and still is all about hard work, commitment and service to country. After all, at the end of the hard work, we all get to have lots of fun,” she also stated.

“We don’t believe in winner takes it all. Every young lady who comes close to the brand – be it a contestant/regional queen, eventual queen or runner up is a winner. Remember, heavy it is that wears the crown,” she added.

Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Dr. Ziblim Iddi described the Miss Ghana pageantry as the country’s pride and while launching the 2019 edition, he was full of praise for the organisers for sustaining the pageantry.

“It is true that over the years the pageant has gone through transformation and its own challenges but I commend Inna for her courage, her resilience [and] for her tenacity to make sure this brand exist,” he stated.

The Deputy Minister added, the Ministry is impressed by the works of the Miss Ghana which according to him, foster the growth of tourism. He explained the pageant helps promote tourism and the country hence it is not only for the Ministry but for the country as a whole.

Dr. Ziblim called for public support and promotion of the pageant because “this is an authentic Ghanaian pageant that we all have to support. In the past two years that I have been in this Ministry, we have sat back, monitored, observed and come to the conclusion that this is a national asset that we cannot allow to collapse,” he said.

Gender Minister, Madam Cynthia Morrison said there were so many negatives around Miss Ghana but now that she was involved, she would make sure the positives were spoken of more.

“Usually, we use only the three winners for projects but this time around, all contestants will be used so that whatever project they bring on board will be realised. Let’s let the world know that Miss Ghana is about beauty with brains, whoever wins will be an ambassador for Ghana,” she said.

The Miss Ghana pageant is the oldest and the longest running annual beauty contest in Ghana which crowns queens who take up various projects through the Miss Ghana Foundation to support society. It also takes winners through a lot of mentorship exercises to make them better persons.

This year’s event will take place in July. Prior to that, there will be one audition in the Greater Accra Region in May to search for potential winners.

Also with a quest to engage all stakeholders of Miss Ghana brand in Ghana and abroad, the Miss Ghana Organisation is introducing ‘Miss Ghana voting app’ this year. This is being developed in partnership with Mobile Content Ghana. Voting will constitute 50percent of the qualifying criteria to selecting the eventual 10 contestants and final winner of Miss Ghana 2019 competition.

Miss Ghana 2018, Nana Ama Benson and her runners-up Laila Issaka and Elizabeth Mary Maclean were in attendance as well. Nana Ama described her experience with the Miss Ghana brand as “incredible”.

“To be Miss Ghana is not only about glitz and glamour but also the ability to assist others in need. The past few months have been incredibly awesome working with the Miss Ghana foundation. I have been taught so many useful things and experienced so much dedication of which I am thankful,” she added.

She noted that being Miss Ghana has opened her eyes to the plight of people. “Considering the many projects we undertake such as the blood drive, scoliosis and juvenile delinquent mentorship, just to mention a few, these have helped me to reach out to others where they need help the most,” she said.

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