Kwan Pa releases Bronya Christmas. Christmas music made for Ghana!

Kwan Pa is the name everyone has been talking about. The indigenous palm wine music band has been rising up in the Ghana music scene winning three major awards for best traditional band in 2019. They have recently released their latest EP titled Bronya Christmas which is a twist of traditional songs that enrich the feeling of real authentic Ghanaian Christmas music. They have opened a new trend and genre of their own by mixing elements of tradition with elements of western music.

The first single of their project is called Felix Cannot Dance, which was directed by Wahala Entertainment. It also featured the winners of Di Asa and superstar bloggers Emmanuel Appiah and Samuel Appiah who also shot the video while acting as Felix. The song is a completely different local rendition of the famous Christmas carol “Feliz Navida”. To listen to the song and check out the video just visit YouTube and look for Kwan Pa – Felix Cannot Dance.

Kwan Pa recently signed to Wahala Entertainment and are now working on their latest album “Music from Africa”. The album is set for release in 2020 and shows diverse instruments and elements from traditional African palm wine music. This project is promised to bring the authenticity of African music back to our continent. To learn more about Kwan Pa and their latest activities you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube on KwanPaGH or visit their website on

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