Interview with Dr. Wanda Evans-Brewer

Dr. Wanda Evans-Brewer

She is a laureled academic who always speak with a clear ring of truth about Africa, youth, entrepreneurship, the girl-child and education. An inordinate educator and scholar of repute with over 10 years of teaching experience at Concordia University Chicago. She is a powerful public speaker and mentor to a lot of young people in America, Africa and across the world.

Dr. Wanda Evans-Brewer is an author of many books, one of which is the sublime literary work “Surface Dirty.” She’s the founder of “Purple Rain: Girls Overcoming Abuse”, a professional group mentoring girls and women who’ve been victims of relationship abuse. She is an Ambassador of Special Children Special People located in Kampala, Uganda as well as a Resource Coordinator to Alpha & Omega and Bhekithemba Primary Schools in South Africa and the School Liaison for Buguza Secondary School in Tanzania. Her giant strides in Tanzania, especially for the Buguza Secondary School have contributed tremendously to learning and the education of bright, young Tanzanian students as she has donated Tablets for the teachers, and dozens of books for the students; currently, there’s a massive turnaround in teaching and learning at the Buguza School coupled with the overwhelming support she has received from the local community.

Dr. Wanda Evans-Brewer is also an intelligent entrepreneur and philanthropist who has Africa at heart. Recently, she was awarded Phenomenal Black Woman in the United States of America for her many impact and humanitarian projects and achievements in Africa. In this exclusive interview with Francis Annagu (poet, entrepreneur; & Dr. Wanda’s Scribe), Dr. Wanda Evans-Brewer share with us about the Health Fair organized by her G3 Tour, scheduled to take place in Ghana at two communities: Lolonya and Akuse respectively.

Q:        You are organizing a Health Fair in Ghana in October 2019. Tell us about it and why it has become important as a part of your international projects in Africa.

A:        One important reason that the Health Fair in Ghana has become important as part of my international projects in Africa is because, “The Year of the Return” call as acknowledged by the Ghanaian government. A complete call for Africans dispersed throughout the Diaspora to “Return Home”, and instead of simply returning home to reap the benefits of that request; myself and my partner, Nurse Letasha Lewis created the G3 Tour; a return home to give back to the Motherland. Every group takes, so, we wanted to give back—hence, we’ve united to offer impactful services to two underserved and vulnerable villages in Ghana. For us, this is not a charitable mission trip, instead it’s a focus on collaboration, empowerment, and enhancement of traditional medicine and methods.

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Q:        Which are the two villages you’ve chosen to benefit from the Health Fair?

A:        Two communities were chosen to benefit from the G3 Tour Health Fair: Lolonya and Akuse (a Salt and Rice Harvesting Community). Akuse actually requested us to aid with mosquito issues.

Q:        How will your Health Fair help tackle diseases, and raise awareness about personal and public hygiene practices, especially now that Africans are facing a lot of health challenges?

A:        Our Health Fair will raise awareness about personal and public hygiene practices by offering screenings for both HPV, which often leads to cervical cancer in women and Hepatitis B which occurs because of poor hygiene practices and lack of condom use, and in addition, we are giving out the 1st 100 attendees: G3 Wellness Blessing Bags which include such items as a Hand-sanitizer, Triple Antibiotic Crème, Plaque removers etc. We will also be offering Ghanaian attendees an opportunity to have a “question and answer” session with health professionals and free consultation with a Ghanaian wellness team. Part of the experience includes learning some DIY (Do It Yourself) recipes for hygiene and holistic healing such as a Sea Salt Hand sanitizer; Ghana is well known for its Sea Salt. We intend to teach them how to use their Sea Salt for more than just consumption.

Q:        Could you tell us more about how you will teach attendees to use the Sea Salt for other purposes?

A:        It is our intention to do a DIY (Do It Yourself) Salt use workshop during the Health Fair. Some product will be made, however some will be made in… Additionally, I’m leaving a wellness book with all the recipes in order to ensure the scrubs, soaks, toothpaste etc.

Q:        Are you currently working with the medical community in Ghana, or some relevant organizations towards this event that’s scheduled to come up soon, in October?

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A:        G3 is blessed with an invaluable Ghanaian Team, and that we’ve respectfully call the Magnificent 6…5 Nurses and one Art Therapist that have eagerly volunteered to lend support to our G3 Tour. Besides their professionalism, they will bring cultural insights and clinical assessments which aids our ability to include screenings for Malaria, Hepatitis B, Diabetes, and HPV; these should come in handy along with our Wellness Bags. Ensuring that the Health Fair is far more impactful than we’ve previously envisioned.

Q:        What measures have you, or are still being taken to make the Health Fair a wholesome event for both orthodox and traditional (herbal) medicine? Or, should we look forward to a different approach to this, at the Fair?

A:        We don’t have to make sure measures were taken for the Health Fair to be a wholesome event for both orthodox and traditional medicine, which is who Nurse Letasha and I are in real-time doing; we both strongly believe that the medicine is on the Motherland. Coming from America where people are aging, dying and losing mental health due to pharmaceutical companies, we have no interest in telling Ghanaians that the methods they’ve used for centuries were wrong. The overall goal is to support Ghanaian traditional medicine whilst filling in the gap on treatments, or products they may have little knowledge or access to.

Q:        Who are the beneficiaries of your Health Fair? And, what do you hope to achieve at the end of the health event?

A:        We will all be the beneficiaries of the Health Fair. We intend for this to be a coming together of the African and the ‘Stolen African.’ As such, we will share resources and experiences. Both groups will ultimately learn from one another in a solution-driven way; as brothers and sisters were opposed to missionary and charity concern.

Q:        Should we look forward to this event, annually?

A:        I hope this is an annual event on one condition, that Africans agree we want it on that kind of calendar. It’s just that simple for me.

Q:        What is the theme of the Health Fair, and why?

A:        The G3 Tour: Gathering Goods for Ghana; helping and healing our future Kings and Queens.

For collaboration or request to follow-up the Health Fair, talk to Dr. Wanda Evans-Brewer, or Francis Annagu.

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