If it seems seamless at the seams …

… then it’s a Robe
A Robe that was robed by a robed role model
When he emerged from the highest of holes
And remained wholly whole
Until he returned to his Abode above
Nearly in a Robe

The Robe in its mould
Was not embroidered from a white rope
Not woven from a black rope
It was fashioned from a secret code

It seems the one in the Robe
Lived with the old one of old
In the shrouded places of the clouds
For aeons beyond the ozone
Lo and behold
He imploded
And became one among the fold

The one in the Robe
Carried loads of hope
Loads of hope you can hold
The one in the Robe
Curries no heavy yoke
No heavy yoke for those spiritually broke

The one in the Robe
Nests in his chest lots of love
Lots of love for those mortal folks
Mortal folks who abide below his Abode

In his Robe
In his humble mode
He set out on the road
To the ones fatefully sold
To the ones on the broad road
To return these to the strait road

The road for the one in the Robe
Was fraught with eyes and ears that probed
But he strode, he probed
He was not cold, he was bold

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The one in the Robe
Braced himself for many strokes
Braved out for all it forebode
And when an earlobe was cropped
He did not favour it to drop
He took the ear up to hold

The one in the Robe
Visited the tombs
Unfettered the entombed
Hushed the storm up shore
Fed the famished with bread he broke
Stopped blood that flowed
And a woman’s womanhood restored
For young ones to come nonstop
To the one in the Robe

With the one in the Robe
No one is alone-prone
With the one in the Robe
All receive news of gold
News of a new home
A home all can call their own

The one in the Robe
Was willing to surrender his soul
To recover all who iniquity had sold
To cleanse and to make whole
To cleanse the stain even from the bone

The story of the one in the Robe
Is one that has been told from ancient but still holds
His words we quote
His name the world has known

The one in the Robe
His death was not a joke
But in the tomb he did not choke
From the gripping fingers of death he arose
Eternal life he bestowed
Immortal life he was bestowed

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The one in the Robe
His time he bode
Infinite love he showed
His line many towed
Before he sat on a throne

It seemed the seamless Robe
Attracted the attention of those murderous rogues
Who subjected it to a gambling probe
Which ended in a scramble for the cloak

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