Ghanaian Model turns to God for Career Development

Ghanaian supermodel, Araba Sey has started a career development project dubbed:  ‘Keys to building up oneself for a successful career’

The project seeks to among other things  educate young people that the key to opening one’s understanding, opportunities and unlocking potentials and pathway to success in life is putting God first.

Ms. Sey, a brand influencer and 2016 Miss Malaika contestant, says the project on Personal Growth and Career Development targets the youth and also aims at educating them on how to discover themselves and build up their careers.

She has since been featured in Atlanta-based (USA) magazine, Obimanso Magazine on her project.

In a statement issued to the Ghanaian media, the beautiful supermodel indicated that the goal is to make an impact beyond Ghana and to be stretched across and far off the borders of Africa.

The God Factor is always the beginning to greatness, according to her.

She urged young Ghanaians and Africans to “make God a part of your plans from the scratch. Share your dreams and plans with Him and He will lead you on the right path.”

According to the brand influencer who has worked with several renowned organizations like Stanbic Bank, “most people who motivate or advice others forget or fail to bring in the God factor.”

She observed that “sometimes at mentoring or talk shows you are coached to do this or do that to help you become successful but they forget to let you know that it all begins with God before anything else. He should be your topmost priority.”

Ms. Sey, a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), explained that “you can only get to the top and not fall back when you begin with God, grow stronger in Him and most importantly remain in Him as you move up and by the time you get to the top you will have a firm stand since you had a strong foundation and that is beginning with God.

She added that “You may get to the top without having God and relying on your own efforts but there may come a time when something may hit you so hard at the top that will force you to fall so hard.

She noted that “Remember that every successful person has enemies no matter how good you are. Someone may plan your downfall and it could happen.”

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