Executive Women Network annual conference energises women for action

Photo Caption: Dr. Joyce Aryee (middle) and Pearl Esua-Mensah, Chairperson of Executive Women Network (2nd from right)

The 3rd Executive Women Network Annual Conference ended on a new high note this year, calling for greater participation of women in leadership and energising participants to be change-makers and leaders in their communities and organisations.

The conference, held under the theme Our Voices in Action: Get on Board, brought together over 300 women leaders from diverse backgrounds – under the Chair of Dr. Joyce Aryee of the Salt and Light Ministry – to lead a call to action for greater participation of women and implementation of policies that empower and galvanise women for national development.

In her opening remarks, Pearl Esua-Mensah, Chairperson of Executive Women Network said:            “Since our last conference, we literally put our hands to the wheel to push forward and action commitments from last year’s conference. We joined the global movement to drive equality and greater participation of women in leadership by becoming a member of the Coalition for Affirmative Action. We upped the ante on our capacity building and leadership-grooming initiatives, impacting over 300 young people, early and mid-career women with the skills and strategies required to be successful in their studies and careers.

“As a network, we want to be part of the solution in a bold way to tackle issues that confront and inhibit women in the workplace and our society – issues such as harassment, bias among others. Now more than ever we need to rise up to the challenge, not only to make our voices heard but by taking action for equal opportunities for all by pushing for policies and programmes which guarantee greater participation and create prosperity for all irrespective of gender, age or geographical location,” she concluded.

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The Chairperson, Dr. Joyce Aryee, in her remarks stated that the conference is an opportune call to all women in business, civil society organisations and politics to get involved in accelerating the nation’s development agenda.

She said: “We should be excited that we can count on the passion exhibited by the Executive Women Network and all participants gathered here today. Women are more powerful than we admit to ourselves, or are made to believe. We are change-makers not just advocates, and as we collectively inspire and empower each other we create a force strong enough to cause the change we want to see in our communities, nation and continent as a whole.”

Photo Caption: Mona Quartey, Former Deputy Finance Minister giving the keynote address

Mona Quartey, Former Deputy Finance Minister, Founder & Managing Partner of BVM Advisory Services and keynote speaker remarked: ” I’m delighted to be among fearless and powerful women leaders ready to chart a course of leading change in our communities. Our goal of stepping up to model change is not a destination but a journey. I urge all to enjoy the journey as we collectively move our society forward by making our voices heard and taking deliberate action to be change-makers and leaders in our society”.

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Photo Caption: Panel Discussion

This year’s event included a breakout speed-mentoring and coaching session and panel discussions on juggling work and other commitments, as well as a session on the phoenix moment – rising through the ashes – to empower participants with practical life skills to overcome setbacks in their endeavours.

The EWN conference is the biggest gathering of women leaders in Ghana, attracting hundreds of participants every year.

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