Elizabeth Boandoh-Korkor, a super girl with an inspirational story

Nothing is more rewarding than determination, persistence and hardwork that leads to success. After all is said and done, the least one can do is celebrate.

Despite the many achievements chalked by Elizabeth Boandoh-Korkor, a Chartered Accountant by profession, author, inspirational speaker, strategist and an entrepreneur by design, from a very challenging background, she is apparently now getting started, therefore, celebrations are on hold till the appointed time when the appropriate champagne shall be popped.

Born in Ghana but raised in Nigeria till she became a teenager, and coming to Ghana due to ‘Ghana Must Go’, Elizabeth’s journey is chequered at best and damn right difficult at worst but through it all, God has been her constant guide and today she does have a compelling story to tell.

With extracts from her yet to be launched biography, authored by Nelson Korkor, her business partner and husband, Elizabeth’s story is told with all the flamboyance that it required and sprayed with Biblical quotes and endorsements from people from all walks of life that she met along her journey.

By dint of hard work and determination, today she holds an MBA in Finance from the Wisconsin International University (Accra) as well as a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Central University, Accra.

She is currently serving as the Finance Manager for Solidaridad West Africa, Kumasi Office. Previously, she had a stint in the banking industry for almost a decade with the erstwhile International Commercial Bank [now FBNBank Ghana Ltd) where she rose through the ranks to become the Head of Risk Management before her exit.

Elizabeth and her husband, Nelson are cofounders of the following organizations of Mountain Builders Network, a monthly business network meeting for Christian entrepreneurs and professionals, EBLIZ Enterprise, deals in household detergents and personal care products; Lady Liz Clothing, a fashion range; The Elizabeth Centre for Capacity Building and a church called the Wisdom Empowerment Centre, all based in Kumasi.

As though managing these businesses and institutions is not enough, Elizabeth is a co-author of The Power of a Fighting Spirit and How to Set Goals and Achieve them with Ease.

She is currently working on two books with his Nelson: 15 Remarkable Attributes of Successful Entrepreneurs and Financial Evangelism while her authorized biography titled, “The Making of a Super Girl” written by her husband would be launched in March this year. The couple are gradually building a reputation as one of Africa’s most outstanding personal authors.


An endorsement from Comfort Ampadu, PA to the CEO, FBNBank Ghana, of the many written in the book summarises Elizabeth’s story. 

I’ve known Mrs. Elizabeth Boandoh-Korkor, aka LL Boutique [as I usually call her], since 2007, when she was employed as a Clerk at International Commercial Bank (ICB), now FBNBank Ghana Limited. She came across as a young enthusiastic lady, intelligent and elegant. She was moved from her branch at Makola to the Headquarters in Accra. I really got to know her when she worked at the NCD, Credit Risk Department, and later on at the Trade Finance and SWIFT Departments.

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However, I got to know Lizzy very well when she worked between the SWIFT, Trade Finance, and Risk Department. I used to chat with her every morning together with other colleagues. From our conversations, I gathered she came from a poor background. Admirably, that reality didn’t seem to have a hold on her motivation to excel at whatever she did. Again, I detected she had a lot of significant potential which was waiting for expression.

I’m convinced she took a cue from me, when I started doing my Master’s degree. I was pleasantly surprised when she walked up to me and announced that she wanted to go back to school; she wanted to do a degree course at the Central University. My only worry and concern was how she was going to fund her education with her low salary. The confidence and determination that sparkled in her eyes assuaged my fears. She assured me, ‘Mom, I can do it!’ She really confirmed her resolve to get what she wanted, when I saw her selling clothing, including suits, to the bank staff. Her sheer determination at breaking barriers to success made me give her the name ‘LL Boutique’.

Lizzy’s astonishing focus and enterprise saw her sponsor one of her brother’s university education at KNUST. Further, she helped him in no small way to travel to South Korea, where he lives now. Lizzie’s example inspired some of the bank staff to go back to school.

Lizzy is a very hard worker. She worked under an Indian at ICB headquarters, who was Head of the Risk Department. I asked her if she could work with that man, and she said yes. I was amazed when I saw her boss getting on very well with her. It was when she was at the Risk Department that she decided to resign and take up her new appointment in Kumasi.

Elizabeth Boandoh resigned from ICB on May 1, 2015. Before then, she did her MBA at Wisconsin International University in Accra. At that time, she faced a challenge. From her home to the office was a far distance, so she decided to sleep in the office where she would have ample time and focus for her studies. The boot of her car was always full with her stuff: books and other study materials and clothing for office work. Lizzie slept in the Boardroom of the bank until she achieved her objective.

Lizzy’s astounding achievements didn’t come on a silver platter; she worked herself hard in the grace of God for her destiny realization. The ‘pull forces’ that engaged her days at the bank (subtle schemes to deny her promotion, dislike, envy etc.) didn’t pull down her resolve to pursue her dream of carving a solid niche for herself in life. She knew she had potential and that drove her passion for success. Her hard work and potential booked her flight ticket to The Netherlands on her first foreign journey. She was visibly elated on that occasion. Indeed, Lizzy must be celebrated; she’s made all of us proud.

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Currently, Lizzy works as the Finance Manager at the Kumasi office of Solidaridad West Africa. When she indicated to me that she would have to move to Kumasi, I was worried. Who was going to take care of her parents in Accra? Lizzie made a huge impression on me about her personality, when she answered my query. She said, ‘Mom, I have to move on!’ That firm resolve summarizes Lizzie’s singlemindedness and stoic resolve to pursue her destiny at whatever cost. That quality of her character has influenced my own outlook to life. I was having a personal issue then, but Lizzie’s example made me resolve never to allow my personal issues stand in the way of my destiny achievement.

While in Kumasi, Lizzy announced to me her intention to get married. I wanted to know who the lucky guy was, because those who showed up early were not compatible suitors. When the guy showed up in my office (we had arranged to “screen” him), and after a few minutes of talking with him, I knew straightaway that he had potential and was well-suited for my ‘daughter’. Nelson was really made for Lizzy, and I believe the two have a lot to offer society with their combined potential and enterprise.

In spite of her loaded schedule as a professional Accountant in a huge organization, Lizzy still finds time to run other businesses in Kumasi. For example, she runs a private catering business—Maa Abena’s Kitchen. Lizzy’s zeal for breaking new grounds is beyond imagination. In fact, I won’t be surprised if she pursues a PhD in the near future.

Life, they say, is a reflection of what you sow. If you’re focused in life, you’ll be able to achieve whatever you purpose to do. Lizzy has shown us the way; I encourage her to excel; the sky is her limit.

On the occasion of her 35th birthday, I wish her all the best in life. My daughter, thanks for being a blessing to me and all those you’ve impacted with your meritorious life of hard work, determination, selflessness, humility, and above all, faith in God and the grace for notable success.

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