Don’t cut down your money tree

As a medium of exchange, money is of great importance to each one of us. Without it, life becomes stressful. With it, life can get less stressful. Because of its importance in our daily endeavors, many of us dedicate a great deal of our lives to making it, managing, saving it and investing it.

Many people think that if money were a fruit, making it would be much easier. All you needed to do would be to take a stroll to your backyard and pluck it off the tree. What they forget is that for a fruit to be ready and available for consumption, there must be a tree. And for the tree to bear fruits fit for consumption, it must be well-nourished. Without a tree, there will be no fruit; and if the tree is not properly nourished, there won’t be any fruit to harvest.

When you consider the fact that a tree must bear fruits for you to enjoy, you may juxtapose that with the money-making process.

The tree

For a tree to come into existence, seeds must be sown. Those seeds are nurtured, they germinate and steadily evolve to become a tree. This process could take weeks, months or years – depending on the kind of seed you planted and the kind of tree you expect.

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When the tree blossoms, it yields fruits. When the fruits are ripe, they become fit for consumption.

Making money is a lot like nurturing a tree. You have to learn and work to earn. The learning and working process takes a while before you begin to see the kind of money you desire. The money that results is the fruit of your years of study and work. When the money comes, what must you do?

The harvest

When your tree bears ripe fruits, will you cut it down to access the fruits? If you do that, you will get the fruits but the satisfaction will not last. Like all fruits, the fruit of money does not last forever. When you spend it, it will eventually run out. When you run out of your stock of cash and you have no tree to go back to, you will have no other option but to begin again.

If you manage to reap the fruits without cutting down the tree, hopefully, there will be another stock of fruits to reap by the time your initial harvest runs out; just because you still have a healthy tree in place.

When you begin to see financial returns, always make sure that you don’t consume your capital. Although you will work differently, you must continue to work hard. You may not have to learn the old things again but you must continue to learn to sustain your momentum.

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It is hard to make money. Don’t make it harder by losing what you make.

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