Defying the odds – Meet ‘Titi da Pen Slayer’

Everyone gets to their breakthrough point. But to think that satirical art works could land some people great business deals and exposure, is something that continues to reel people in.

Social media could make or break you. It is the fire that serves and burns at the same time. The responsibility of reaping the fruits and making the best out of it lies with us.

With what begun as a joke, Titi da Pen Slayer has made waves in the Ghanaian comic space with her satirical art works. She started this piece by drawing herself and sharing her finished works on her Facebook page. Little did Titi Layo, know that this joke, as she puts it, could generate rib cracking laughter from her Facebook followers.

She said: “Pen Slaying begun as a joke of me drawing myself and posting it on my Facebook wall. Then my friends came laughing at the pic. So, I then decided to draw anyone who will laugh at the pic. Little did I know that it will go viral. Then I started getting requests from people all over to be slayed with my pen too. And that’s how the Pen Slayer dairies started”

Titi grew the interest of her followers through her art. There is beauty in imperfections, they say. From detailed drawings of protruding stomachs to bended knees, Titi has won the hearts of many with her arts.

She admits she is not a professional artist however, her arts work brings smiles to the faces of her followers, which to her is the greatest gift of all.

“Those are my best drawings in actual life. I really don’t know how to draw”, she said.

Titi Layo, meaning Joy Forever, is a Ghanaian and hails from Ajumako in the Central Region.

However, she is Nigerian by birth.

Answering questions on her very first viral posts, Titi said: “It was the Akrobeto drawing. I was in Singapore by then and you know the time difference. I woke up one morning and my phone was blasting with messages from all over about that pic. It was crazy and then I realised what was happening. Then I started getting more orders from some celebrities and that was it”.

As a Marketing Executive by profession, who intends to become an entrepreneur in future, it is quite rare to see her nurture such talents and create comedy through her works.

When asked about some opportunities received due to Pen Slaying, Titi exclaimed: “Chai a lot! I do get a lot of free favors and gifts from people. People recognise me everywhere I go. I have met a lot of people Ghanaian celebrities. I get to MC programmes for people and I make small money out of it”.

She advised the youth to keep pushing no matter what. She added that finding one’s passion leads to self-discovery and new opportunities. She said: “Do not take anything for granted. You may never know the doors it could open for you.”

In the near future, Titi intends to take her skills to a whole new level beginning with story telling through her drawing as well as getting her works in books and other related materials.

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