As for crises, they will come…

This very life is full of unexpected crises. It doesn’t matter whether you are prepared for them or not.

Crises simply mean times of intense difficulty or danger.

Crises come in various forms and ways.

Crises do not care whether you have all the resources to deal with them or not. They will still show up.

Crises don’t respect the poor or the rich.

Crises just don’t need your permission to act.

Let us look at these instances:

Currently, one of the best football managers in the world – in the person of Jose Mourinho – is going through a lot of crisis despite having one of the best teams in Europe. His players are of high quality in terms of their knowledge of the game, yet they are not doing well on the pitch.

Also, out of nowhere you can be fired from your job – and not because you have necessarily done something wrong. It could be that one person at your department caused it.

Again, some form of incurable illness can hit you out of nowhere even though you exercise regularly, eat healthily and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So, if crises will definitely come, does this mean we are helpless?

Absolutely not! It is a reality check.

It is like a test that is given to you in the classroom. In other words, you should have the knowledge before the test comes

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Crises are meant to make you better; they give you the ability to embrace change out of your comfort zone.

Crises are meant to test who you think you really are. Many are deceiving themselves: they consciously think they are something, but in reality they might not be that thing.

For example, you claim you are a gentle and forgiving person, then out of nowhere a motor-rider hits you on the road through no fault of yours, and you didn’t die or end up in hospital – then out of your adrenalin mood you immediately attack the motor-rider, insult him mercilessly, punch him and threaten to kill him and all that…If you happen to act in such a way, then in reality you are not really a gentle and forgiving person. You are in deceiving yourself as to who truly think you are!

Crises will make you sit up.  They will make you realise that there is still room for improvement.

Now, a crisis in itself is not what the issue is about! The issue is you.

You have to develop the right mindset so as to take advantages of it, otherwise the rebukes for not doing so will be so hard that you will wish for death to lay its icy hands on you: and if you should feel like this, then realise that your knowledge concerning life is very small and you need to constantly learn.

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How to develop the right mindset for dealing with crises

Know that crises exist and can happen at any time:

So, you make sure you invest in your personality the right knowledge that will cause you to have the right thoughts to meditate on, which then will translate into the words you speak, which will inform your actions, which will translate into good habits and formation of character for a better destiny.

Your investment are the things you constantly feed on. Examples are information from radio, TV, newspapers, phones, tablets, laptops, books, magazines you read etc. So, make the right choices in these. If you think one of these avenues is not giving you the right knowledge for a better investment to build your personality, shut it down.

I will plead with you this time, please don’t take this piece for granted; read it as many times as you can till it has gone into your sub-consciousness. And if you think you need more clarification for a better understanding in dealing with crises, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Being casual in life is allowing a crisis to crush you when it does cross your path.

Think about it.

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