Statistical Service conducts 2nd trial census in preparation for the 2020 population and housing census

Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) will begin the second phase of the multi-staged Trial Census for the 2020 Population and Housing Census with listing of structures from Monday 18 November 2019. The Trial Census Night will be the midnight of Sunday November 24th, 2019, and the actual field enumeration will begin from Monday 25th of November to 7th December 2019.
Conducting the Census is in accordance with the Statistical Service Law, 2019 (Act 1003), which empowers the Statistical Service to conduct Population and Housing Census in Ghana every 10 years in the month of March. The Trial Census is in accordance with the United Nations’ recommendations guiding the conduct of Population and Housing Censuses worldwide.
The Population and Housing Census is the only statistical operation that takes detail information of every single individual found within the borders of the country at a particular point in time usually referred to as the Census night.
The information collected is beneficial to all and will be disaggregated by national regional district and community levels, and is good for decision-making at the level of government as well as for business decision-making. It will also be used by industry and academia.
The districts selected for the Second phase of the Trial Census are Aowin Municipality in the Western North Region; Ekumfi district in the Central Region; Kpone Katamanso municipality in the Greater Accra Region; and the Krachi Nchumuru district in the Oti Region.
While only a part of the Aowin and Kpone Katamanso municipalities will be covered under the second Trial Census, the whole of the Krachi Nchumuru and Ekumfi districts will be covered.
Note that Census Officials from GSS – appropriately identified – will start visiting the communities which have been selected for the Trial Census to identify and number houses and structures. They will also ask some few questions like use of the structure and the number of house-holds resident in the structure etc., in preparation for the actual enumeration from 25th November 2019.
The Statistical Service entreats all persons resident within the selected communities to cooperate with census officials in order to ensure a successful Trial Census.
Together, we can all make the 2019 Trial Census for the 2020 Population and Housing Census a success.
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