US Ambassador rolls up her sleeves and get to work in Kumasi

Stephanie S. Sullivan

It was a scene to behold. Dr. Thomas Mensah the Inventor of Fiber Optic Technology impressively spotted the new U S Ambassador to Ghana, Stephanie S. Sullivan with her ‘sleeves up’ and hard at work during the Investment Summit in Kumasi.

The World Meets in Ghana Investors’ Forum has been conceived of as one of the special gatherings in Ghana that puts together high-profile government policymakers and potential and active investors in Ghana. World Meets In Ghana Investors’ Forum also brings together businesses across the entire spectrum of economic activities with a keen focus on government priority themes and sectors as articulated in the manifesto of the ruling party as well as the national strategic development document of the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC), as businesses from across the entire value chain will be present. It was the keen goal of the organizers to promote fruitful B2B engagements, investment discovery and the forming of strategic partnerships and alliances that will result in significant deals and appreciable Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflow to Ghana and the sub-region.

It was at this Forum that the Founder and CEO of Silicon Valley of Ghana Dr. Thomas Mensah met with the new U S Ambassador to Ghana, Stephanie S. Sullivan opening a state of the art Hospital the HopeXChange Cancer Center. She has assembled a world class team of experts in Oncology including Dr. Mario Capello, the Director of the Center, Professor Elijah Paintsil a Ghaninan Physician in Pediatrics from Yale University and others. Dr. Thomas Mensah was excited to meet the team because as the creator of Silicon Valley of Ghana he believes the Telemedicine Program at Silicon Valley of Ghana will take this Hospital to a Whole New Level to provide Health Care services to the entire West African Region.

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The Telemedicine program will have a node at the HopeXechange medical facility connecting to the Mayo Clinic in the US, the Yale Medical School, and Medical Facilities in UK, Germany and South Africa. Dr. Mensah has promised to bring former US Astronaut Dr. Bobby Snatcher, PhD MIT, MD Harvard and Telemedicine Expert of Silicon Valley of Ghana and at MD Anderson Oncology Department to collaborate with the HopeX Change Hospital in Telemedicine and Oncology.

The Ambassador impressed Dr. Mensah since she could speak a few sentences in Twi, unheard off for a new Ambassador.   She invited Dr. Thomas Mensah to tour the Facility. The Ambassador was also invited as a Guest of Otumfuo Osei Tutu II to sit at the dais, with Otuo Siriboe II, Chairman of Council of State, Allan Kyeremateng, Minister of Trade and Industries, and  Amoako Atta, Minister of Roads and Transport during his Birthday Celebration in Kumasi.

Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has been quietly rebuilding Kumasi since he was coronated 20 years ago. The King has his eyes set on enhancing the lives of the people of the Ashanti Kingdom and the nation at large by improving infrastructure like roads, railways, aviation transportation with the Government that will make Kumasi, the Garden City of West Africa, reaching all Sustainable Development Goals as we journey in the 21st Century.

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Dr. Thomas Mensah is collaborating with Otumfuo Osei Tutu II to establish the Kumasi Aircraft Maintenance Facility. This Maintenance Repairs Organization (MRO) will create an Airport City that will attract Fortune 500 Companies like Coca Cola, Boeing, Airbus, Facebook, Amazon to have their African Headquarters in Ghana and specifically in Kumasi. This project alone will create over 400,000 Jobs in Kumasi.

The author is currently partnering with Dr. Thomas Mensah ( the only black and Ghanaian who participated in the Laboratory to invent and commercialize Fiber Optic Technology and the Founder of the Silicon Valley of Ghana to use Technology and Innovation to develop Ghana and deliver the 100 Day Agenda at the Silicon Valley of Ghana and to promote the ‘Right Stuff Comes in Black Too’ initiative.

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