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The forest rewards those who walk through it.” – Zambian proverb

Life is always evolving, but as the process happens it transforms our understanding of what we know and that which we do not know. It is constantly feeding us information about itself to enable us evolve as well. Those who are humble enough to study its happenings tend to enjoy life a lot better than the average. Because life is not still, it logically follows that to live well one must be obliged to learn and acquire a certain amount of know-how about life. We cannot carve out a zone in a concept as dynamic as life and become comfortable in it. We would end up as antiquated individuals and organisations fit only for the museum. At the very minimum we should be actively pacing with life, for anything less than that will find us non-functional.

The concept of ‘being’ demands that we always demand of ourselves the uncomfortable luxury of revising our perceptions and attitudes. This is because living is an ongoing and dynamic process that creates and re-creates beings. To be able embrace the best of the process, one must be willing to learn enough to make his or her being meaningful. In actuality, one must make learning a hobby.

Living requires a special attentiveness to learn about phenomena and how they manipulate our realities, and those of others around us. In consequence, any true life is a journey of learning and unlearning and re-learning, for there are always new things to learn and new understandings that must be inculcated to help us adapt or change. That is why we all should willingly oblige ourselves to become non-stop learners.

In learning we have no way of knowing, beyond the need to know, what the knowledge we acquire will make of us. We only know learning is good for us. It is wired in our DNA from conception. That is why those who deliberately stop learning even continue to learn unconsciously. As long as we live, we will learn something – no matter how small. But in a competitive world we have to make deliberate efforts to learn, and learn more.

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What we learn or do not learn will shape us into greatness or smallness. That is why we need the kind of learning that refines our opinions and enriches our being to ennoble us so we make ideal choices and ultimately live well. When we do not make efforts to learn, and unlearn and re-learn, we are will doomed by our ignorance and our fears.

Of course, many of us readily assert ourselves as ‘learners’ – and this is because we read the newspapers, magazines, books and listen to the news. It is a good effort – except that more often than not we do all of this to reinforce our opinions. We can do better than that, and we know it. We know we can apply ourselves a lot more than we are doing now. And that is what we actually need to do.

We need to learn outside our opinion zones. We need to encounter that new knowledge which challenges us to understand, instead of the ones that make our opinions right. We need to unlearn the superficial impressions we have borrowed from others, and instead deepen our understanding of the world around us enough to help us carve our own unique opinions – ones that are grounded in greatness.

Life depends on us, individually and collectively, to be meaningful. The depth of meaning rests on how much understanding we have of issues and events. It is no secret that we are all finding ourselves, and our journey is alongside everybody else. As we wander through the paths of life, our interactions should be meaningful to others as well as to ourselves. We need to be able to hold the hands of others and lift some up. We cannot do that if we are not continually learning about the ideal and possible. In our homes and in our work environments, there is much we are responsible for, and so much we have to do to ensure we fulfil those responsibilities.

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Constant learning gives us access to a greater range of knowledge about life and enhances our relationships with others. It unleashes our intellect, creativity and spirituality in a manner that allows us to communicate well and be confident about who we are, thereby helping us to unshackle ourselves from the matrix system the world unconsciously enslaves us within.

As long as you are learning, you can have the universe in your palm. It will animate you with a sense of purpose and a passion that makes life meaningful for you, and beneficial to all those who interact with you. Learning is a powerful lure that causes you to become more and more wonderful as a person and an asset to our humanity. The ball is in your court, you need to learn and re-learn to make all of life better…

Kodwo Brumpon is a management consultant and a life coach who inspires individuals, groups and corporate bodies to think and feel that which is true, and helps them to positively respond to that which is beautiful, while nudging them to let goodness govern their actions. Comments, suggestions and requests should be sent to him at

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