It’s a New Day  

“If you cut your chains, you free yourself. If you cut your roots, you die.” – African proverb


It is a new day and yet we have carried over the excesses of yesterday into it. Too often, we unconsciously treat yesterday like a pilgrim’s baggage strapped on our backs. We are so protective of it; we do not want to let go of its negativities; neither can we stop thinking about the criticism that accompanied it. This is the attitude many of us display. We were so sucked into yesterday it has become our comfort zone. It is the reason why we felt the dew this morning, but we did not let it renew our hearts and minds.


Life is not and will never be static. It will always change, evolve, be threatened, be restated; but most of all, it must be re-imagined if it is to be lived meaningfully.  Thus, to witness a new day is to breathe a new meaning into existence and appreciate that being better is the moral definition of living; and its emotional explanation would be to rise out of yesterday’s ashes and reconcile facts with truth and majesty, and with beauty and kindness with goodness.


Today is a gift; and it is one handed to us to make life better. We were awoken with a mission to enhance meaning for those around us and those far away from us, in order for us to enjoy the fruits of their sociability. It is as James Baldwin captured it in 1960 as he contemplated freedom and how we imprison ourselves: “We made the world we’re living in, and we have to make it over”. That is why today started from zero hundred hours, so that you too can start afresh and recreate an environment that will make you smile a little wider and ease your stress.


Contrary to popular opinion, today is not a continuation of yesterday. It turned up after yesterday because it is its turn in the cycle, and not because it has come to finish yesterday’s work. It starts out as a dream of its own, to make your dreams come true. It demands that you first examine yourself closely and then the mistakes you made from days past and take responsibility for the conditions as well as the consequences from the brokenness of the environment. It beckons you to recreate anew your environment.

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This new day is the answer to your prayer for an opportunity. Yes, that is what today is. It is for you to love the rain, just as you promised. It is not for you to get an umbrella and prevent the drops from touching your skin. How can you feel the rain when you seek shelter whenever it falls? Today challenges you to ‘love the life you live and live the life you love’. It is your opportunity to look beyond your limitations and the imperfections in our environment, and simply enjoy the moments as they pop up.


Too many of us are living today with yesterday’s attitudes. Not only is this inhibiting our potential, but it is also causing us more depression and killing our dreams. We have got to be upbeat about every new day. We have got to let our positive thoughts overshadow the negatives ones till we actually feel positive enough to take positive actions. Today is not an impression. It is more like an inspiration that says we can never tell how wonderful life can turn out to be until/unless we make efforts to become wonderful ourselves. And thus it pours newness upon you so that you can renew yourself and renew the world around you.


It is always tempting to interpret a new day as simply a continuation from where we paused yesterday. And this is because we scarcely appreciate anything until it offers us something tangible. We do not even know how this day came about, and yet we do not appreciate it as an unmerited grace that has fallen onto our laps. When this new day arrived, did you ask “why did you not expire with yesterday?” When we think of a new day, we rarely think of it in terms of favour that has been poured on us, and thus we miss out on the essence of how blessed we are to be a part of it. We likewise lose the social connotations of the moments, and how our words and actions should re-create life in a wonderfulness that would enable all humanity to live truly and beautifully.

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Today is a chance, but you have to make a choice as to what you do with it. You are part of this new day because you have ‘a song in your heart that has to be heard’. Today challenges you to try bring it out in a new way, unlike how you tried yesterday. It reminds you to rediscover the wonder within you as the world tells you what you can do and cannot do. It is a balm to melt the hardness of yesterday, so that you can be supple enough to experience life as itself and not as the world has shaped you. It even encourages you to be vulnerable so that you can truly experience your experiences.



Kodwo Brumpon is a management consultant and a life coach who inspires individuals, groups and corporate bodies to think and feel that which is true, and helps them to positively respond to that which is beautiful is, while nudging them to let goodness govern their actions. Comments, suggestions and requests should be sent to him at

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