Breathe Out

Kodwo Brumpon

“If you are going to eat eggs, you don’t sharpen a knife.” – Akan proverb


There are a great many things we do not know about life, and a great many of those we will never be privy to. What we do know is that every action we take has a reciprocal effect. What the result is we can never tell with exactness, because every effect generated by our actions ripples against other effects. Even when we do nothing, it degenerates into nothingness. Interestingly our environment provides us with too many challenges to make it impossible to do nothing. At the barest minimum, we have to get up and eat.

Living is a privilege. It affords us the opportunity to confer our dignity upon our environment in order to create legacies for ourselves. Sometimes, the present might not easily recognise our contributions because it is so busy wallowing in the delights of certain trends – but posterity always rewards those who strive to positively impact society, no matter how little. Normally, excuses are explanations we give for the lapses of judgement we indulge ourselves in.

Life is a breath. It breathes on us and we breathe on it. When we inhale and fail to exhale, we die. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made. God took great care to mould every single one of us. He has adorned each individual with a quality that is admirable and can hold an entire audience amazed for periods of time. That makes every person significant irrespective of the environment they find themselves in.

Our wonderfulness is not to be held in trust. It is to be unleashed upon our environment in order to create a bliss that energises praise for God. Sadly, quite a number of us are holding back. We have carved comfortable zones and are wallowing in self-egoism. The question you need to ask yourself is, will history carve your name in its books a hundred years from now?

The time has come for us to exhale our goodness onto life. For too long, many of us have been holding our breath. We are scared our acts may not be pleasing to the audience. Such thinking is not only playing small, but it is also missing the point of our essence. What is in us is meant to flavour life with a sweet scent of truth, goodness and beauty. Our task is to unearth, nurture and unleash our wonderfulness upon this life. We may be slow or small, but we were not born to be insignificant.

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If even the mosquito, small as it is, can make us lose sleep, how much more can you make everyone sit up in amazement? Individually and collectively, we are gifts gifted to each other and to all of our humanity. Gifts in their nature express thoughtfulness. They provide us with the confidence that we are treasured and desired. That is why our words and actions should strengthen our communities and society. It is said “what we do with that gift shows our sense of appreciation”. So, ask yourself what have you done for our humanity in your lifetime.

Holding our breath is not as safe as we have been made to believe. Quite a number of us think it best to think only about ourselves. Well, we were wrong to think suchlike in the first place – and we are still wrong if that is the way we still think. Such an attitude is like inhaling and refusing to exhale; and as long as we are holding our breath, we are not inhaling new oxygen. Which means we are not supplying our cells with fresh oxygen for them to grow and multiply. That is like live in a looping cycle of selfishness, hopelessness and disappointment, instead of taking multiple trips to the edge of possibility and back.

Refusing to be wonderful is similar to experiencing shortness of breath. It makes you anxious and gets you all worked-up and panting even if you do not do much. That is the state many of us find ourselves in. We are experiencing breathlessness and causing a great hunger to our humanity. Have you ever been hungry? The state of ‘hunger’ affects us all.

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Sometimes it happens because we are so engrossed in whatever it is that we are engaged in that we let ourselves go hungry. Other times we are hungry because we are not too sure what we want to eat. But there are times some of us are hungry because we cannot afford food. The universe we live in is experiencing hunger. It is experiencing the third kind of hunger: it is hungry for your wonderfulness and yet cannot coerce you to be wonderful. The best it can do is to spew out challenges so that you might be touched to bring out the best in you.

It is time to stop holding your breath. It is time to flavour the universe with your essence. It is time to question yourself about your antics in this life. It is time to think deeply beyond your desires and engage yourself to leave a legacy. It is time to adopt a dreamer’s attitude and learn to live beyond yourself. Let life stretch before you like an endless motorway and live an outlier’s lifestyle. Let this day begin a personal renaissance. Start living spontaneously. Engage in deep conversations, discuss ideals and visions, and talk positivity and about possibilities.


Cut out the negativities that clutter your perceptions. Share yourself with the world, volunteer for projects, give back to society in various ways. Go for walks, savour the views of nature and the artificial ones we have created. Learn to appreciate every single smile and empathise with every sigh. Get a hobby, one that will allow you to positively make an impact on life. In short, take a deep breath and exhale. It is refreshing.



Kodwo Brumpon is a management consultant and a life coach who inspires individuals, groups and corporate bodies to think and feel that which is true, and helps them to positively respond to that which is beautiful while nudging them to let goodness govern their actions. Comments, suggestions and requests should be sent to him at

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