Money: Your views about me must change

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What have you heard about money? What is preventing you from working hard and making lots of money? Do you know wherever you find yourself having some money would make you Acceptable,

When you read self-help books, you realize many people have been prevented to make lots of money because of panic themes and sermons they have been served in church through the Holy Bible,

You must know that money is the only language in the entire world that is Comprehensible,

You should not just relax and allow other people to make lots and lots of money, your efforts for making money legally should Double,

Anytime you fall into financial crisis, imagine yourself as a financially independent person and always use that memory as an Example,

You can be so broke, when you go out to buy something, you may even Fumble,

Debunk all the myths of money you have heard from childhood with the number one being money is the root of all evil. If you do not need money, why do you go out there secretly to Gamble?

This is not your appearance, your appearance must improve. For the last few years you and I know you have been looking so Horrible,

Do not feel so different about the idea of making money. Money stops going to those who act strange around it. With time the difference between the you and money becomes Irreconcilable,

“Money is good,” “Money is my friend” and “Money is not everything but it can help me take care of myself” should be your favorite Jingle,

In the modern world, everything you need is money. If you want to create a business, you need money. If you want to go to school, you need money. If you want to serve God in the right manner, you need money. If you want to have a peaceful and successful marriage most often times, you need money. If you think you can always get things for free, try going out and buying a Kettle,

Consult the financial books and consistently read the Business and Financial Times Newspaper. Money is not something that goes to people who need it, let alone you who may just want it. Investing in stocks, real estate, bills, bonds, currencies and commodities are all Learnable,

People think having money would make them arrogant or lose friends, it is all about being able to take care of yourself and not flexing your financial Muscle,

Aren’t you tired of always appearing at parties and events as a regular when there are people who have far lesser personality than you given preferential treatment just because of money and society thinks they fall among the Notable,

You should guide yourself against all the myths and stories surrounding money. You should build a virtual wall around your mind, no negative and pessimistic ideas about money should become an Obstacle,

As soon as you start to focus on your aims and goals in life, there are people who would want to sway you off the achievement of those goals and tell you, you do not have time for them, just tell them it is the money Principle,

I am consistently hammering on the sayings of money for a reason, be open-minded and tell people who are so sold into the myths and sayings of money that everything they hear in this world is Questionable,

If they doubt you, they can look at your new life and compare it to the old life and they would realize you have created a new personality and a system that is Reputable,

People have a problem going against a lot of opinions served to them on a plate as children. Do not worry, if they do not understand you; tell them to grab a copy of the Business and Financial Times Newspaper, the messages here on financial literacy are educative, straightforward and very Simple,

If you have money, there are many problems in society you can use your humanitarian prowess to Tackle,

You may be a teenager, early adult or adult and you know your current net worth is so bad and Unacceptable,

Money changes people, you are now among the poor but you can use your new position as someone who found money to help the Vulnerable,

Get on the success lane, ran and grab all you can as soon as you hear the Whistle,

Make a lot of money for yourself, make a difference in the lives of people, embark on the plan to enormous success and be known in society as one of those who are Responsible.

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