5th annual live event technical and production conference ends in Johannesburg

The 5th Annual Live Event Technical and Production Conference (LETPC) 2019 under the theme “Building a better Africa and a better world” under the distinguished sponsorship of the Department of Arts & Culture, Republic of South Africa ended successfully in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The three (3) day conference was slated from 16-18 May, 2019 was an initiative of the South African Roadies Association (SARA). The conference was held at the prestigious Sunnyside Park Hotel. A carefully selected array of industry experts and policy makers addressed the conference with various topics. The speakers were from the Netherlands, Kenya, USA, Ghana, UK, Denmark, Germany and host country South Africa.

The conference was opened by Professor Andries Oliphant of UNISA. He spoke on the topic “the inclusion of the Event, Technical & Production Sector in the White Paper.” He affirmed to the cheers of all participants that the government of South Africa has included the Event, Technical & Production sector in the White Paper and that the sector is now considered as a critical part of the country’s development. This is evident by the first time sponsorship of the conference by the Department of Arts and Culture.

On his part, Mr. Vusumuzi Mkhize, Director General, Department of Arts and Culture (DAC) expressed the Department’s continuous interest in the LETPC and the broader sector of the arts and cultural events because of its critical role in the promotion of arts, culture and heritage for social cohesion and nation building. In his conclusion, he congratulated the LETPC and South African Roadies Association (SARA) for an exceptional job done.

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Carl Golembeski (USA) who was also a speaker at the conference is the vocal effect specialist of Beyoncé. He is a sound artist, vocal effect engineer and music producer. He spoke about the music of love and emphasized on how artist can do better when they tap into their inner being. Music is spirituality. His practical display and hands-on is exceptional. He won the admiration of participants for his humility and care for the industry.

Nii Armah Addy (Ghana) spoke on the topic “How the Event, Technical & Production Management can improve in Africa.” He talked about how the event management holds the potential to be the biggest employer if the various components that make a complete event are put together. He called for professionalization of the sector by encouraging persons in event to pursue higher education in event management. He recommended for a chartered African body for professional event management education. He likened it to ACCA, CIM, etc.

Other speakers at the conference include; Willem Westermann, Marco Sadik, Prof. Paul Singh, Dr. Dumisani Nkomo, Matthew Bate, Joanna Hartle, Morten Buchert, Falco Zanini, Lumka Dlomo, and Lucky Thobela. There were various panels sections as well. Mr. Barry Masoga one of the panelists on education called on the industry decision makers to empower the youth since they are the future.

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In his closing remarks, the President of SARA, Mr. Freddie Nyathela, thanked all who have supported SARA in various ways. He thanked DAC, Speakers, Panelists and all participants for making LETPC 2019 and great success. He did not missed words when he said that the LETPC 2019 is brim-full of knowledge and exceptionally useful information from some of the best live event technical production and education professionals nationally, across Africa and the rest of the world.

LETPC 2020 is poised to move to another level by expanding the scope of the conference to cover many more aspects of the industry. For more information on LETPC 2019, please contact https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=letpc+2019.

The writer is the Founder, Institute of Professional Event Management (IPEM)

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