Each New Year begins with it different things, situations and circumstances. Some positive others, not so life-giving. But they come along whether we are ready or not.

Relocating to a new office may also be a long- term planned strategic move due to growth, a sudden discovery of a better location to increase sales or expiration of a current lease. Irrespective of the reason for the move, the experience for this exercise can either be a stressful nightmare or an exciting occasion which calls for celebration as it gives you the beautiful opportunity for change in your work culture, implementing innovative ways of working, reengagement possibilities of reengineering your brand identity and definitely an office make over.

In addition to the possible growth and increase in sales, your office relocation will have a large impact on staff motivation and productivity, staff retention, attraction of the best talent as well as improved internal communications and collaboration if handled well.

Below are a few guide lines to make this relocation as stress free for you as possible.



About the Aurthor

Karen Evans Halm is an architect and an Associate, of the Ghana Institute of Architects with over a decade’s experience in the field.

She is also a co-founder of Spektra Global, a company that specilises in Architecture, Interior Design and Construction.

You can reach her with your questions @ karenhalm@spektra.global , call +233 303 217241 / +233 55 133 2555 or visit her website @ www.karenhalm.com

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