We need an innovation strategy – Prof. Atuahene-Gima

President and Executive Dean of the Noble International Business School (NiBS), Prof. Kwaku Atuahene-Gima, has said the country needs an innovation strategy to accelerate its pace of development.

Speaking at a doctoral graduation ceremony of the school, Prof. Atuahene-Gima explained that innovation is not solely represented by new devices, ideas or methods, but also by the process of uncovering new ways to do things.

It also pertains to modifying and adapting to changes to achieve better results, he said, adding that: “This is what Ghana needs; we, as a nation, need to be creative and innovative if we want to move forward in terms of development”.

He advised the country’s leaders to copy some of the things that other nations are doing to fast-track developmental efforts.

“When our leaders who are in politics, our companies and schools visit other countries they see how things are working there. Now, the question is: why can’t they copy? Why can’t they emulate those good things, because innovation is not only about developing original things?

“Innovation is also about going into a different environment, seeing something that is working and bringing it back to where you are and hoping and developing that idea to see whether it solves problems over here,” he emphasised.

He advised government to add problem-solving courses, innovation courses, and creativity courses to education curricula, so that right from a tender age students will actually learn how to think creatively and solve problems.

Prof. Atuahene-Gima also advised graduates to be proactive and diligent, and implement best working ethics wherever they find themselves. He congratulated the graduates for successfully completing this intensive programme that is aimed at introducing concepts and practices of business to develop a broad-based practical understanding of its context, purpose and underlying functional areas.

Twenty-three doctoral students graduated with doctoral degrees in Business Administration.

In his keynote speech, Managing Director of Ecobank, Daniel Nii Kwei Sackey, advised students to always strive to make a difference as they go out into the real world.

He asked them to think about how their qualifications will affect the lives of their families, friends and the nation.

“The relevance of your thesis will be reflected when we start seeing more collaboration between academia and business. It is vital to engage with companies in order to have impact and relevance, and to keep in touch with real-world organisational problems,” he said.

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