Forbes, Busy Internet unveil Forbes8 to drive entrepreneurship

Forbes8 Network, a digital channel or app-based service that seeks to inspire entrepreneurs and those with great ideas to launch new businesses and improve life, has been launched by Forbes and AW3 Media – with Busy Internet as their Ghanaian partner. 

The platform allows users to log-in to watch/listen to seminars, interact with business leaders, and provide an opportunity to be mentored by leading business executives. It also covers 100 vertical topics and industries, which allows entrepreneurs to receive breadth and depth from story-telling and the opportunity to hear some of the industry’s best speak on how they got started.

To access the platform, users can sign up within Busy data plans or directly on or iOS App Store Forbes8 application; the network is currently on iOS and can also be accessed on

Once a user signs up, Forbes8 serves just like a coach and advisor in ‘your pocket’. “Always available, always updating, always helping you be inspired to do more,” a statement from Forbes said. With Ghana being the maiden country to benefit from the Forbes8 Network, this provides entrepreneurs an opportunity for them to join and watch streams from live business events and interactions around the world.

Chairman and CEO of AW3 Media Group, Amos Winbush III, said Forbes8 is not only to create content but also add access to opportunities.

“It will inspire doers to keep doing what they love and to find out how others got where they are; delivering the stories behind the drive, the people behind the power, the makings of success and the purpose beneath the actions that change the world.

“Forbes8 was built to inspire a fast-changing global workplace. With machine-learning tools recommending video playlists to help individual doers at scale, it’s capitalism in action. With its introduction in Ghana, Ghanaian entrepreneurs will benefit from reliable, a high-performance digital channel designed to equip them and other business minds as they traverse their careers and lifecycle,” he said.

Chief Director at the Business Development Ministry, Joe Tackie, lauded Forbes for choosing Ghana as the destination for official launch of the platform, saying: “This game-changer is really very inspiring, and we believe it will enhance economic gains of our entrepreneurs.

“We also believe that introducing the Forbes8 is a step in the right direction, as it provides brighter prospects for entrepreneurs in Ghana to tap into a vast pool of resources from world business leaders,” added Tackie.

Deputy Communications Minister, Vincent Sowah Odotei, said Forbers8 provides entrepreneurs in Ghana an “invaluable” opportunity to tap into vast streams of resources from world business leaders to “strengthen their business partnership, build digital economies, and foster innovation and growth in the country.

“You will all agree with me that the disrupting power of technology is impacting every area of our lives and forcing us to rethink and innovate daily. Building strong entrepreneurial skills through the use of a digital channel like the Forbes8 will position our youth to take advantage of the opportunities provided by this application,” he said.

He added that the Communication Ministry is enthused Forbes chose Ghana as the first country on the African continent to introduce this game-changer and inspire Ghanaians for better economic gains.

“In order to fully reap benefits of the digital economy for Ghana, we need to effectually pool resources; and this digital app, I must say, offers an excellent opportunity for innovators, technical experts, business start-ups and all other great minds to launch, grow and innovate in their businesses,” he added.

With mobile technologies’ contribution to Africa’s GDP expected to rise to US$142billion – equivalent to 8.6 percent of GDP by 2020 – the minister noted that Ghana must reap the digital revolution’s rewards.

“It is my desire that we will work together to address risks and challenges presented by the digital landscape, including cyber security and privacy. We stand ready to work with Forbes and other organisations to implement solutions for any emerging challenges,” he added.

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