Call to Fellowship: Prudent economic management is the panacea for society challenges

Professor Dr. Forster Windforce Akwasi Kum-Ankama Sarpong

Professor Dr. Forster Windforce Akwasi Kum-Ankama Sarpong was inducted as a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Economics alongside three other fellow inductees and chartered student membership.

Speaking to the Business and Financial Times, Professor Dr. Sarpong stated that, globally, Economics education is the cornerstone for enhancing sustainable national development of any nation in the world. This is due to the fact that it helps to raise the level of manpower development and standard of living, among others which are geared toward sustainable national development.

Professor Dr. Sarpong said a proper monetary policy helps economic and industrial development by increasing the volume of scarce resources, raising the productivity factor of production, thus improving economic and social conditions and removing the various bottlenecks in the process of economic development.

Professor Dr. Sarpong is confident that the economy of Ghana can still head ‘north’ if governments can pay a little more attention to economic governance to break down economic management into two basic sets of functions: invest “deliberate” efforts to promote economic stability and growth; and “determinedly” regulate and control the economy.

Professor Dr. Forster Windforce Akwasi Kum-Ankama Sarpong holds a BSc. degree in Estate Management, an MBA in Finance, PhD in Business Administration, is a Professor in Financial Science and now a Chartered Economist.

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