Don’t leave out cocoa farmers in decision-making – WCFO

A lady performs hand-pollination on a cocoa tree

Nana Abraham Adusei, President of the Ghana Best Farmers’ Association, has said there is a need for policymakers in the cocoa industry, to actively involve cocoa farmers in all decision-making processes.

“Cocoa farmers, who are the key players in the industry – bearing the brunt of the challenges on the ground, are mostly left out in the making of vital decisions concerning their work,” he said.

“It is not suitable for someone outside to speak on our behalf, because the real issues confronting us – especially those bordering on our welfare and sustainable development of the cocoa industry – are not dealt with to our maximum satisfaction,” Nana Adusei observed.

The biggest flaw to cocoa sustainability, he said, is lack of recognition for the poor cocoa farmer who toils 24 hours to produce cocoa – facing all the accompanying odds and difficulties on the farm.

Nana Adusei was addressing a general meeting of the World Cocoa Farmers’ Organisation (WCFO) in Kumasi, a programme that brought together participants from Cote d’Ivoire, Jamaica, Nigeria, Tunisia and others from across the globe.

‘Consolidating the Cocoa Farmer’s Voice – a Key to Sustainable Cocoa Production and Improved Livelihood’, was the theme for the event.

Nana Adusei, who is also President of the WCFO, lauded cocoa farmers for their commitment to duty, counselling adherence to good farming practices for increased productivity.

He called on government to support the cocoa sector, since it is critical to Ghana’s socio-economic growth and wealth creation.

Baffour Owusu Amankwatia, Bantamahene, who represented the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, called for more benefits and incentive packages for cocoa farmers.

This, he said, is necessary to motivate them to work hard for increased yields.

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