2nd Ghana Trade Show opens

The second edition of the Ghana Trade Show has opened in Accra, with over 15 countries exhibiting diverse products from consumer and household, food and hotel supplies, automotive and industry, beauty and cosmetics.

The exhibition is expected to span three days – from January 31 to 2nd February, 2019 – with exhibitors expected to display over 300 products to clients and prospective ones as well as establish networks and close business deals.

Over 15 countries including South Africa, UAE, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Indonesia, China, South Africa are taking part in the event.

According to Vijay Hindiya, from Grow Exhibitions Dubai – organisers of the event, the idea is to introduce new products onto the Ghanaian market.

“The motive is to introduce new products to Ghana from other parts of the world; we want a lot of companies to have investment opportunities in Ghana. They are looking for distributors, and to set up companies that will manufacture here.

“So far, everything has been good. We are hoping that the three days will be good for us because we see Ghana as the hub of the entire West Africa as well, so we see a lot of people coming from the surrounding countries. We have South Africa Chamber of Commerce, Indonesia Chamber of Commerce all coming through,” he said.

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He also explained that the organisers regard Ghana as a very lucrative market which is open to new business ideas: “We have seen this, and we are very confident that the exhibitors will also get business. The most important point is that we have a huge variety of products – from building and construction to automobiles to foodstuff and packaging, cosmetics and perfumes, with more than 200 products out here”.

Sameh Magdi, the business development director of UAQ Free Trade Zone Authority, also shared his perspectives on the event.

“We believe that the African/Ghana market is very promising; we had some events in Africa before, but this is the first time for us in Ghana; and up to now we think it is doing very well.

“Hopefully, this event will be an addition to all the successful ones we have had in Africa before. We can see interest from clients here in Ghana; people want to know more about free zones and want to know more about off-shore jurisdiction – especially in the Middle East, UAE – and we are happy to simplify all the processes. The most important thing is the cost.”

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