4th Ghana CEO summit to address capacity of technology in industry

The fourth edition of the Ghana Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Summit has been launched, with key focus on exploring the capacity of an ongoing technological revolution to transform Ghana’s economy.

A total of 400 CEOs from across the African continent are expected to participate in this year’s summit from May 20-21, under the theme ‘The Futuristic Economy: Technology-Driven Future of Business & Governance for Economic Transformation’.

Speaking at the launch, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) – Mr. Yofi Grant, said the global economy is now in the fourth industrial revolution, wherein innovation and technology are the main vehicles by which transformation and development are being achieved.

He said this year’s summit is critical because, globally, technology is the fourth industrial revolution of information and data. He added that we have to embrace technology because its enabling power is immense.

Mr. Grant said: “This year’s conference is to lay technology bare before the CEOs as their standard operating tool for business and governance. Technology is imperative in corporate governance. It’s a partnership between business and its markets. It helps to do things right and correctly. That is corporate governance”.

Mr. Grant revealed that talks are underway to begin the Accra marine drive project, and also renovate old commercial buildings to fit world standards and attract tourists as well. “Insurance is not all that’s needed to sustain the tourism industry. Preservation of the originals is what’s needed, even though renovation is needed as well because it is a means of sustainability,” said Mr. Grant.

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On his part, the CEO of Fidelity Bank, Julian Opuni, said the country must start looking at the potential impacts of outcomes from the Ghana CEO summit and analyse yearly how many lives the summit has impacted

He noted that in Africa tech is confronted with a lot of issues, and therefore there is need for a strategic orientation of Africans and the general literacy levels of the general public.

“Even low cost of mobile devices could drive the technology. We must make sure we are not left behind. It will give us a good advantage in the future. The impact of governments will be preceded by driving a more technological platform to move from a cash-based economy to a cash-lite economy. This will make the govt increase revenue,” he said.

Also present was the CEO of the Chief Executives Network Ghana Limited, Mr. Ernest De-Graft Egyir, who said the discussion on business and technology has become necessary because the world of business and governance is on the threshold of transforming – driven by emerging technologies.

“It is changing the world of work profoundly; jobs, skills, employment, education, industries, manufacturing, business models and economies are undergoing fundamental transformations.

“The current pace of change, while fast, is likely to be slower than the pace of change in the future. Our lives are being shaken to their very core by technological change, with the tech revolution transforming economies as never before.”

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