FDA raises red-flag on ‘contaminated’ food products

Like every end of year, it is expected that many consumers patronise in various food products to celebrate the festive season. This is a period that some companies also penetrate the market with their substandard products

The Food and Drug Authority (FDA), as a caution to the general public, has released a list of 16 tomato paste products that the Authority says “were found to contain the ingredients starch and color (erythrosine) that were not indicated on the label.”

According to the Authority, the products do not conform to Ghana standards for tomato paste. This, the FDA said, were detected after intensive market surveillance activities and subsequent laboratory analysis.

Even though the FDA has ordered for the recall of the products from the market, the public is also cautioned to take steps to look for only certified products to consume this Christmas.

For instance, last week, Rabaj Company Limited served a notice to recall products of Cindy and Lele Tomato paste to all its key distributors and retailers nationwide.

According to the notice, individuals who have done purchases and are still in possession of these two brands can also return them to the outlets where they purchased them.

A statement signed by the management of Rabaj Company Limited said “We have identified an anomaly in a particular batch and we think the prudent thing to do is to recall all batches in circulation”

“Recalling all batches of the brands will enable us clear that particular batch we are seeking to recall on the market”

While the move adopted by Rabal Company is commendable, it is possible some of these products have already ended in some homes of its customers.

It is, however, very prudent that customers become very concern about what they consume in their homes and always go for products that are approved by the FDA to ensure the safety of their health.

One other thing that many consumers sometime overlook is the expiry date on many products, a behavior the FDA has warned consumers to desist from.

The Authority urged consumers to be careful of ‘Best Before’ dates on food products in the country.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the FDA, Delese Darko, is quoted as saying “the dates on most of these products are questionable due to varying climates between countries of manufacture and tropics such as Ghana.

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