Cost saving energy options that work

Energy is the driver of development in any country. If the energy requirements of business and industry is met affordably, the result will be a huge boom in the economy. Affordable energy is a key need in the industrialization drive of Ghana, in fact, without affordable energy, major industries and businesses will have to go elsewhere, a situation that will cause a loss of jobs and livelihood to many.

Since 1989, Ghana has committed to finding alternative sources of power to augment the hydro source it has been using since the 1960’s. This has brought sources like thermal, solar and all others into the fray. We have had many deals to help the power situation but they mostly prove expensive and heavy on the budget of industry, not to speak of private citizens.

This is why affordable energy options have become an absolute necessity to our nation. An option that lessens the burden of business, gives them financial leverage and cuts cost is what will really do the trick.

Solar energy has long been pushed as the most viable alternative for our situation. It is affordable, user friendly and completely green and clean and protects our environment. The training and handling of solar energy is also not complicated, the person can easily be trained to take care of their solar set up.

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Recently, ABii National Savings & Loans has taken advantage of such a solution that has completely done the trick for them. They cut their energy bill by almost 60% by choosing the right energy partner and provider and with no downtime, productivity has stayed at an optimum. With no breaks in supply, both equipment and functions are constantly and smoothly operating, giving them the boost they need to take their market.

WILKINS ENGINEERING, the company behind the ABii solar story, has deployed a more affordable solar energy solution that gives their clients the chance to rent the solar equipment and only pay a fraction of the cost and enjoy the energy produced. Though some consider solar energy as expensive, it has always proven more affordable in the long run and with this rental option available from Wilkins, it becomes even more affordable.

Imagine renting the equipment to use for solar at zero initial cost and only paying less than half of what you were originally spending on power monthly. This, in addition to prompt service and no downtime will only account for growth.

The Wilkins energy options, frees businesses to keep working without the heavy burden of high energy bills and continuous breaks and starts due to interrupted and unstable power. The ABii National story, is a success story that has put a big smile on their face and on their

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finances. Since April 2018, ABii has been on this service and never for once regretted making the switch.

This option is timely as we enter the new industrial age for Ghana. A solution that is cost saving, readily deployable in any location nationwide and easy to maintain is definitely something worth the while for every business.


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