GIS, AISA holds Professional Learning Institute workshop

Ghana International School (GIS), in collaboration with Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA), a community of educators committed to making a difference in their schools, has organised Professional Learning Institute (PLI), for trainers in member schools.

The two-day workshop, held under the theme: “Empowering the 21st century learner through an integrated approach” took place at the premises of GIS, and was facilitated by Ms Annette Ackermann-Pohlmann, University of Toronto.

Annette Ackermann-Pohlmann, is an Educational Consultant with the Peel Board of Education, Mississauga, Canada and a leading instructor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.

Speaking to the B&FT at the side-line of the Workshop, Ms Annette, emphasised the importance for the workshop, and the need for AISA member trainers to adopt integrated and experimental approach to teaching and learning.

“Education has changed over the years just as medicine and banking with the introduction of new technologies. As such, educators need to change the structure of teaching in the classroom.

“Populations have change and our children have change, they are more creative and physically engaging now in the classroom, so we need to change the structures with the way we teach. It is no longer a teacher directed pedagogy but a segregated student engagement technique in which everyone is learning at his/her own pace,” she said.

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She further stressed that the job market is changing and new courses are being introduced in the universities regularly hence the need to make the classroom more of problem solving oriented and encouraging collaborations among students.

The two-day workshop, was patronised by about 80 participants from AISA member schools in Ghana, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Nigeria.

The Coordinator, Standards and Education Programmes, GIS, Mrs Beatrice Owusu-Boateng, said; “one of the school’s strategic focus is to become centre for instructional excellence and our membership with AISA, gives as the opportunity to collaborate with them to organise PLI once a year to upgrade ourselves to the best trends because the world keeps evolving.”

According to Ms Annette Ackermann, the participants at the end of the PLI: would be more challenge to implement new skills in the classroom; to explore the benefits of cross curricular links supporting 21st Century classrooms; to empower students using technology such as google classroom; and empower students through differentiated learning that supports personalized learning.

The highly practical workshop, saw participants engage in some activities such as getting to know other people (Bingo), designing the learning environment both social and physical and identifying the innovative elements.

The Principal of GIS, Dr. Mary Ashun, in her opening address, encouraged the participants to get themselves involved in all activities in order to be able to adopt new skill that will help them to review their programmes to design lessons supporting the 21st century learner.

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