CISCM holds 1st Investiture ceremony

The Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management (CISCM) Ghana has held its first investiture and induction ceremony in Accra on Thursday, with a call on practitioners to conduct research into integrated supply chains to facilitate policy initiatives of businesses and government

Speaking at CISCM event, the guest-speaker, Kweku Andoh Awotwi, urged supply chain management practitioners to conduct research into integrated supply chains to facilitate policy initiatives of businesses and government.

According to Mr. Awotwi, research and case-studies in the energy, oil and gas sectors will be good starting points, given the vertical integration and upstream-downstream activities in related industries.

He explained: “With restructuring of the energy sector, there are now many players in the generation of energy. There is also distribution company ECG/NEDCo as well as national monopoly in the transmission sector.

“To this end, the oil and gas sector will provide sufficient materials,” he told B&FT in an interview.

For Mr. Awotwi, it is not by accident that most of the best-performing companies have established supply chain management systems in the form of business units, directorates, divisions or departments to optimise various interrelated supply chain functions – spanning planning, accounting, finance, sourcing/procurement among others – to add value and recognise the sovereignty of third parties and internal customers.

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Leadership plays a crucial role in achieving this objective, he said, maintaining that companies need to establish leadership that initiates action and works with subordinates through effective communication to realise it.

Furthermore, he added, there has to be leadership that motivates through economic and non-economic rewards to get the work done.

He also added that the manner in which a company is able to put into practice benefits and minimise the challenges will facilitate the reaping of long-term rewards.

Supply chain business units, when properly resourced, can bring about cost-efficiency, increase in revenue, quality control and gaining competitive edge, Mr. Awotwi noted.

On his part, the president of CISCM Ghana, Richard Okrah, stated that in the short-term, the institute is targetting the energy sector – where with the sector reform policy, there are several players in the generation and distribution area.

“These players are providing goods and services to the consumer by involving the natural monopoly in the transmission of energy. We believe there are opportunities to improve service deliverables; there are other areas such as the medical/pharmaceutical field where there is a need to examine the chains to ensure quality health care and avoid flow of counterfeit drugs.”

The investiture ceremony also saw seven distinguished professionals been inducted as Fellows by CISCM – comprising Prof. Aba Bentil-Andam; Prof. Esther Sakyi-Dawson; Dr. Joseph Siaw-Agyapong; Dr. Theresa Oppong-Beeko; Kweku Andoh Awotwi; Ing. Emmanuel T.Antwi Darkwa; and Joe Ghartey.

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