Republic Bank staff supports school building project through communal labour

Staff of Republic Bank (Ghana) Limited, a subsidiary of Republic Financial Holdings Limited, Trinidad and Tobago, joined hands with the Berase Community in the Central Region for communal work toward completion of an ultra-modern classroom block.

The school is being built by Republic Bank as part of its Power-to-Make-a-Difference (PMAD) initiative. The communal labour came off last week Saturday, 7th September at the project site located at Berase in the KEEA district of Cape Coast, Central Region.

Staff of Republic Bank, numbering 46, participated in the communal work which involved masonry, plastering, carpentry and other building activities. The staff also engaged children of the community in fun activities.

In July 2019, Republic Bank led by its Managing Director, Mr. Farid Antar, held a ground-breaking ceremony at Berase to kick-start construction of the ultra-modern school block, including Teachers’ Common Room, ICT Laboratory, Headmaster’s Office, Washrooms and a Mechanised Borehole.

Republic Bank took on the project following a report by visiting staff of the dire need to reconstruct the local school, which had fallen into a dilapidated state and posed huge risks to pupils and teachers.

Community engagement has always been an integral part of Republic Bank’s DNA. Republic Bank is committed to helping struggling communities enhance their quality of life and that of future generations.  Over the last couple of years, the bank through its staff volunteerism initiative has built an ultra-modern classroom block and mechanised borehole for the people of Manchie in the Amansaman district of the Greater Accra Region.

The bank also purchased an incubator for the Keta Municipal Hospital, and has made donations to various hospitals and orphanages across the country.

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