Prophet Alex Abbey celebrates golden jubilee birthday

Miracle Winners Chapel International (MWCI), has held a special church service on Sunday, purported to honour and appraise the Founder and General Superintendent of the church, Prophet Alex Honestt Abbey, as he celebrates his 50th birthday

The special service event, which coincided with Father’s Day celebration, was to climax the golden jubilee celebration and also acknowledge the fatherhood figures in the church.

Prophet Alex Honestt Abbey, has been in the Christian ministry for over 25 years, imparting numerous lives with his unique prophetic ministration and saving many lives with his instant healing power from above.

The uniqueness of his prophetic ministry is recognised in the ease with which he performs instant miracles such as healing the sick, making the crippled walk and it is on record that no pregnant woman ever encountered him and was operated (Cesarean section).

Bishop Ernest Joy Quaye, General Overseer, Word Centre Church International, Heroes Temple, who was officiating minister at the event, admonished believers to stop playing economics game with God but rather obey the voice of God in order to be able to appreciate their leaders properly for the blessings of God to be released upon their lives

“We need to appreciate our pastors because they watch over us spiritually, feed us with the knowledge of God about life and labour on our behalf day and night.

“The ways of God are not the ways of men, if you want to receive the blessings of God, you must learn to honour your pastor in the way that men will not understand.

“Life is a process from stages one to ten and one of the most difficult stages of life is being a father, especially a spiritual father or a pastor,” he said.

Dignitaries and believers from different denominations were present in their numbers to testify of how he imparted their lives through his ministry and also join their faith with the members of the church in the merry making programme.

The golden jubilee celebration started on Thursday, 13th June, 2019 which is the birth date, at the residence of the prophet. It continued with a Friday church service in his honour on the 14th, and a health walk by the Alex Abbey Foundation, in collaboration with the church, through some principal streets of Osu to the Black Stars Square.

Activities to climax the celebration on the Sunday included; song ministrations, spoken word performance, testimonies and words of exhortation. The congregation also organised get together after church service to eat and wine with their founder.

Prophet Alex, expressed his profound gratitude to the church for accepting him as the father and a servant of God after God’s own heart, anointed to preach the gospel and bring deliverance to the afflicted.

He counseled the church to study and meditate on the word of God always in order to know the truth and stand for the truth always without being deceived by false prophets.

“No matter the situation you find yourself in, know that you belong to God and the only reason why you are still alive after all your sins is because he is a Merciful God.

“So, as you belong to God and seek for the good material blessings that come from God, do not forget to fight for your salvation with fear and trembling,” he adviced.

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