Probe Trade Fair Company—PAC recommends

James Klutse Avedz, PAC Chair

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament has proposed a forensic audit of the operations of the Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited, over loss of payment vouchers, poor corporate governance practices, and earned salaries of former employees.

According to the chairman of PAC, James Klutse Avedzi, the Committee will recommend a forensic audit in their final report to the plenary of Parliament.

Forensic audits are mostly carried out to examine and investigate current financial processes and standards which can help in the identification of more effective and efficient solutions.

Administration of the state-owned Ghana Trade Fair Company’s affairs have been fraught with poor corporate governance practices, loss of payment vouchers among other irregularities captured by the Auditor General’s report of 2015/2016.

Furthermore, Mr. Avedzi directed that the current management, headed by Dr. Agnes Adu, should compile arrears of all former employees and pay them within the next two weeks and report back to the Committee.

A former CEO, Dr. Ebenezer Koney – who was summoned to appear before the Committee over loss of payment vouchers which occurred during his tenure, indicated that the accounts office was burgled and as a result the vouchers covering an amount of GH¢300,000 were stolen.

However, a former accountant, Emmanuel Tieku, disputed the fact that the accounts office was burgled and insisted that the payment vouchers were not stolen; rather, it was the server room that was broken into and not the accounts office.

According to him, the vouchers should still be with the company.

The current CE0, Dr. Adu, on her part stated she will endeavour to compile the list and pay the arrears as has been directed by the Committee.

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