Nutrifoods launches Milky Magic ‘Eggrich’ biscuit

Excited Staff of Nutrifoods at an ‘Eggrich’ unveilling event in Accra

Nutrifoods Ghana Limited, a subsidiary of Olam Ghana and a market leader in the production of top-grade biscuits, has introduced the first egg and milk-based biscuit onto the market to meet growing demand among children.

‘Milky Magic Eggrich’ biscuits are made with fortified wheat flour, whole egg powder and rich milk proteins, and has been produced to expand and meet growing demand in the prevailing nutrition-snacking space among children.

‘Eggrich’comes in a smiley-face design which makes it attractive to children, and has a unique taste. The egg and milk ingredients provide an affordable source of protein as part of a nutritional and balanced diet.

Nutrifoods, producer of popular household biscuit brands like Perk, Milky Magic, Royal Digestive and Royal King Cracker, conceived ‘Eggrich’ following extensive consumer-based research. The new brand was officially launched in May and is being sampled by consumers and traders in Accra and Kumasi.

Mr. Jay Anjaria, Marketing Head of Nutrifoods’ Packaged Food Business, announced that a number of product launches into the market will include unveilling the new brand at schools and churches in Accra and Kumasi.

“We at Nutrifoods strongly believe in getting it right with the consumer first; hence, this product is specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of our consumers,” said Mr. Anjaria.

Milky Magic Eggrich biscuits are available in 36g packs with attractive packaging, and can also be found in all traditional markets, supermarkets, neighbourhood groceries and mini-marts nationwide at a consumer price of 0.50p.

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