Multi-stakeholders’ workshop on the Adapt’Action Facility

A workshop that brought together the key stakeholders (Ministries and Institutions, Development Partners, NGOs etc.) involved in climate change-related issues in Ghana has been held in Accra.

Pre-identified activities related to sectoral challenges were reviewed in order to finalise the list of activities that the Adapt’Action Facility can finance in Ghana, and elaborate the road map with an indicative calendar of actions.

The Adapt’Action Facility funded by AFD seeks to assist the most vulnerable countries along low-carbon and climate-resilient development pathways. The Facility follows a clear desire expressed by a large number of developing countries which have signed the Paris Agreement to obtain technical assistance for the institutional, methodological and operational deployment of their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and the achievement of their objectives, with a particular focus on adaptation to climate change-related issues.

With €30M over a 4-year period (2017 – 2021) the Adapt’Action Facility is supporting 15 partner-countries and regional organisations (with a priority focus on Africa and small island developing states – SIDS) particularly vulnerable to climate in implementing the adaptation components of their NDCs in order to contribute to operationalisation of the Paris Agreement. Adapt’Action is intended to be a springboard for the development of bankable projects and programmes that can be financed by AFD and/or international climate finance, to scale-up actions on the ground and therefore produce a leverage effect.

The Facility is dedicated to the financing of soft activities, capacity building, studies and technical assistance with three main components according to the specific needs of each country: (i) Support for capacity building of the countries’ climate governance for the implementation and monitoring of their NDCs; (ii) Support for the mainstreaming of the NDCs into sectoral public policies (in the field of adaptation to climate change); and (iii) Support for the preparation of structuring and transformational ‘climate’ projects and programmes (through the financing of vulnerability, prefeasibility or feasibility studies), in the field of adaptation to climate change.

The financial and administrative aspects are directly managed by Expertise France (EF) for the component 1, and by AFD for the components 2 and 3.  National Authorities are responsible in the identification of needs, formulation of support and validation of the deliverables.

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