MTN holds maiden Digital Music Conference

MTN has held its first Digital Music Conference, aimed at enhancing the state of music distribution in the under-exploited digital space of Ghana.

The event, held in Accra, featured various industry stakeholders, seasoned record labels and online music distribution platforms such as Universal Music Group and Content Connect Ghana.

Addressing participants at the conference, Managing Director of Content Connect Ghana, Munya Chanetsa, advised upcoming artistes to collaborate with ‘giant’ industry players to enable their brand grow.

“The giants within the industry already have very deep roots so it very hard to compete with them, but what the independent labels can do is to grow your fan-base and find a way of working with the major artistes so that they can help you,” he explained.

Mr. Chanetsa also urged the general public to stop engaging in piracy: “Desist from downloading songs from unauthorised music sites, so that you can stop sustaining them”.

The artistes were also schooled on how to make money from their music, as well as how to stay relevant in the industry.

Additionally, they were also advised to register their works with copyright societies such as GHAMRO, in order to benefit from royalties and to also stop other platforms from illegally using them.

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Senior Manager for Products and Services, MTN, Bless Agordjo, revealed that MTN has developed an online music distribution platform, known as CIMS, to enable its over 200 million subscribers have access to locally produced songs.

“We are here to help artistes so that they can take advantage of our 200 million subscribers. MTN has also acquired CIMS – an online distribution platform that makes music accessible and inexpensive to all,” he added.

He further noted that the company is in the process of introducing a subscription model wherein mobile money will be used to acquire music. He said this will make local music accessible and affordable.

He also stated that the MTN Digital Conference is created to bring all industry stakeholders together, so as to create an atmosphere where issues affecting the sector will be discussed.

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