LAVA smartphones hit  market

Indian mobile phones manufacturer Lava Technologies has unveilled its variety of quality and affordable mobile phones to the local telecoms market.

LAVA mobile phones which have been introduced to the market are the Champion Series: C1, A1, N1; and the Z series smartphones Z81 2GB, Z81 3GB; and the Iris 51.

The company is banking on the prices and quality of its products as its competitive edge in the market, having already established a strategic partnership with I2 – a vibrant mobile phones distribution company that will be using both online and offline channels to help LAVA promote the brand.

Executive Director of Lava Africa, Saurabh Verma, speaking at the launch event in Accra said: “Our core belief is to empower all stakeholders including promoters, partners, retailers and consumers. As a small company, we seek to make available technology more affordable to our consumers as a way of empowering them.”

He added: “We have a good distribution network and a partner that can easily supply our products to the market – from factory to distributor and then to the retailer – so we can be more efficient to the end-consumer”.

Mr. Verma said there are about 1.8 billion people in the world at the bottom of the technology pyramid who do not have the affordability to buy expensive mobile phones, even though they deserve the technology.

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“These people also need technology so that they can better their lives, so we are here to empower them with our affordable quality range of smartphones,” he indicated.

Managing Director of I2 – the official distributor for the Lava brand – Je Lee, expressed optimism that the smartphones will survive in the Ghanaian market with its unique features and affordability.

He indicated: “We are very certain that Lava brands are going to pick up very fast; and with the support of the media and dealers we will able to push a strong sales network for the brand across the country.

“One of the good things we found with Lava phones is that the makers/distributors have already researched the local market and introduced products which are fit for it, which is quite impressive.”

Mr. Lee said I2 has been on the Ghanaian market for over 15 years and been dealing with a lot of brands, and this has given the company some good insights about brands that can work on the domestic market.

“Users of Lava phones will find them cost-efficient, durable and offering value for money.  Consumers now don’t need high-specs brands because everything can now be done with every smartphone,” he added.

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On his part, Vikram Singh Parmar-CEO for Lava Africa, said in a press release that the vision of Lava is to make valuable technology accessible to people and empower them to do more and be more.

“In the last 9 years, we have travelled the journey of making this possible, and today we can promise the most trustworthy products and reliable user-experience to our customers,” he said.

After entering the African mobile market through Egypt, Lava – the fastest-growing Indian mobile phone company – has launched its operations in Ghana with a promise to deliver valuable and reliable yet affordable mobile technology to the market and community.

Since its inception in 2009, Lava has grown to become the fourth-largest mobile phone brand in India with established operations and a leading presence in major emerging markets – including India, Middle East (UAE, Saudi & Kuwait), Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Russia, Indonesia, Mexico, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria and Kenya.

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