Exposure Business Events gives training to corporate staff

The annual tuition-free Sales & Marketing training event organised by Exposure Consult Ltd. (Exposure Business Events) has been held in Accra.

The performance training journey has been empowering staff of companies in Ghana through Sales & Marketing performance training. This is the 5th execution since its inception in 2016, and it has impacted over 80 companies in the capital with its practical orientation and world- class content such as ‘Mirror the Business’, ‘Sales-Generating Demand’, ‘Service Quality’, ‘Personal & Business Branding’, among others.

This strategic CSR-driven training programme seeks to become a driving force and catalyst in empowering the country’s workforce with the culture of performance through experiential learning, global best practices, and generated insights for business growth, survival and national development.

The training event has over the years had staff from several industries including Insurance, FMCG, Banking, Clothing & Apparel, Beauty & Cosmetics, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Pensions, Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals, Media and the Public Sector participating in the programme.

Rev. John Thompson, the Lead Consultant of Exposure Consult said: “This year, our theme ‘Sales force & Frontlines’ is carefully and strategically designed to impact your roles and careers with the catalyst to drive up sales (revenue) through empowered frontlines.

“Our choice of this year’s theme is intended to resonate not only with sales performance but to also touch deeply and sensitively the culture of value creation at the frontlines and all essential areas of the business. The concept of value creation is the commodity and currency that drives sales, and consequently maximises business potential through the frontlines.”

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In attendance were the Brand Exposure Execution Team; the Director of Sales &amp Admin, Mrs. Lauretta Thompson; and staff participants from companies’ comprising Middle line managers and Sales Representatives from Voltic Ghana Limited, Lakeside Estates, Buena Vista Homes, Seeders Real Estate & Development among others.

In his keynote address, Rev. Thompson impressed upon participants that with the sophistication of today’s customers, volatility and saturation of the market, cheaper product substitutes, stiff competition and unfavorable macro-economic factors, companies cannot continue to ignore the clear warning signs of sales performance training that will ensure continuous revenue inflows grounded on trusted relationships with customers.

He further stressed that many companies will not survive in the future if their sales teams do not transform into a strong force built on empowered frontlines.

“The needed transformation of the business space can only arrive and manifest when business leaders decide to become deliberate in their thinking, actions and processes; when businesses decide to harness the potential at the frontlines and embark on plugging and blocking all the holes and leakages that hemorrhage revenue.

“There is too much empty talk! It’s time for the must-have actionable conversation of the development of a well thought-out and coherent system that drives Sales through value creation at the frontlines. This, I believe, will start and fuel the needed chain reaction that will transform every aspect our business life, the market, the competition, the economy and country in general.”

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He said further: “It’s time to create value at the frontlines. It’s time for serious sales. It’s time for the new and smart move by turning our teams into a force that ignites value and profit. Sales force and frontlines let the conversation impact,” he added.

The day’s training execution was characterised by active participation with group case assignments, role-plays, practical demonstrations and strategic applications coupled with the sharing of research insights and real-time global best practices.

Participants were very excited with the opportunity to be part of the programme. This year’s event was principally sponsored by Voltic and Exposure’s Consulting Brands – namely BrandX, Wordsmith, SMEC and Marketing Plus.

The consulting firm has future plans to drive this programme to other regions of the country, and possibly certain parts of the sub-region in coming years. To this end, they call for collaborative partnerships from other instrumental stakeholders to make this beneficial project sustainable in order to positively impact more companies and the economy as a whole.

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