Cussons Baby Ghana gives Mothers a treat on Mother’s Day

PZ Cussons Ghana Limited, producers and distributors of personal and homecare products, celebrated mothers and babies in grand style on the special occasion of this year’s Mother’s Day celebration.

The celebration, which took place at the Fiesta Royale Hotel in Accra, brought together mothers, customers and other stakeholders to celebrate the company’s milestone achievement of nurturing and growing a Facebook community of over 300,000 parents and helping them on issues around parenting.

It was a time to share happy moments with mothers, network as well as to wine and dine to make them feel special.

Some of the patrons shared their happy moments with their mothers including some fond memories while growing up as children.

Mothers present were treated to good music, food and drinks. There were a lot of giveaways including hampers which contained assorted products from PZ Cussons.

Every individual present at the event also took home some presents from the company including Cussons Baby gift packs, oil, powder, wipes, jelly and many more.


300k fan contest winners

To show appreciation to their Facebook community, the company awarded some mothers for making their 300,000 milestone a reality.

The winners of the 300,000 Fan Contest were those who shared a lot of fun content and engaged more with the resource personnel on the PZ Cussons’ Facebook Page.

The winners were Hannah Addo, who emerged as the overall winner of the supermum contest. Other winners include; Martha Nyarkoh, Amanda Elorm Boateng, Vincentia Sefakor, Bridget Amson, Linda Sefa Boahen, and Pigue Pique.

They all took home a hamper each containing products from PZ Cussons.


The Journey

Explaining how PZ Cussons started on Facebook, the Category Manager for Personal Care at PZ Cussons, Madam Maryann Boaten, said the company’s Facebook page started as a small community about four years ago.

“Looking at the population of Facebook in Ghana which is about four million, and the fact that the big brands which have been there more than 10 years now have about one million, we deserve to celebrate our 300,000 following achievement,” she said.

Mrs. Boaten emphasized that: “The PZ Cussons’ Facebook page is the only page in Ghana that gives informative, educative issues on pregnancy, breastfeeding and other stuff about motherhood.”

She stated that the page engages its followers on interesting topics as far as mothers are concerned, noting that it has not been dormant but lively, interactive one.

An example of one of the many activities the brand engaged in last year was the Cussons Baby Moments Campaign, aimed at encouraging family bonding through pictures.

She further stated that: “This year promises to be even more exciting for all our Cussons Baby parents as we are planning many more engaging activities such as the Cussons Baby Moments season 2 and Cussons Baby Showers.”



Later, Mrs Boaten expressed appreciation to all stakeholders and partners of PZ Cussons. She was particularly full of praises to the Ghana Medical Association, Ghana Registered Midwives Association and all mothers for their support over the years.

“We usually have live forum on our social media pages with a qualified nurse or midwife available to answer all the concerns of parents, and that we are grateful to our medical partners for,” she concluded.

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