59.8% of millennials contest for flexible working hours – Jobberman

 CEO, Jobberman, Geoffrey France, launching the report

A 2018, research conducted by Jobberman Ghana, entitled “Millennials and the Digital Market place” found that 59.8 percent of millennials rate flexible working hours as a factor that motivates them the most to accomplish their task at work and boost productivity

The respondents said they want employees to develop flexible work schedules where employees are not restricted to conventional nine to five working hours and are free to choose the best suitable times for work.

This, they said would enable work-life balance that fosters a better quality of life as well as mental and physical wellness which reduces unplanned and unwanted absenteeism.

Millennials are generally referred to as a generation group of people born between early 1980s and 2000s. thus people currently below 40 years.

Asked which industry they think has the best working conditions, banking and finance recorded the highest, 28 percent, followed by NGO with 22 percent and ICT/Technology being third with 16 percent.  On the other hand, retail and education recorded the least with two-percent and six-percent respectively.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jobberman, Geoffrey France elaborated that even though the banking industry in Ghana had a massive shakeup recently, most millennials still believe it has the best working structure.

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“The world of business is going digital and technology, and the we believe that the millennials are those that will drive this business and technology. Therefore, to have them fill these gabs, they obviously have to be happy and well maintained. So, we are looking at the things you can do to achieve these.

We realised that they are looking more at flexible working hours with fun activities, experimental environment where they can show case their talent as well as rewards and recognitions,” he said.

The research focused on five thematic areas that employers can work on to keep millennials productive in the workplace. These are: work culture; sense of pride; diversity and inclusion; training and development opportunities and tools.

The report also indicated that when it comes to sense of pride, 45.1 percent of millennials take company values and goals very serious. Under diversity and inclusion, 71.3 percent said gender equality in the workplace is paramount.

Meanwhile, 54.1 percent of millennials voted for collaboration at the workplace over 12.7 percent who would rather prefer competition. 97.2 percent of the millennials as well opted for software/updated technology.

Software and up-to-date technology as a whole enable communication, connect-ability, collaboration as well as organize and prioritize projects and are key for millennials.

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Keeping the millennial generation productive is not a one size fits all approach. Employers must implement tailor-made employee-centred practices in order to get the best out of this dynamic demography.

Mr. France, also added that a working environment that is driven by authentic values and equipped with the right tools, flowed by learning and development opportunities serves as a great competitive advantage, not only to millennials but also their employers.

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