2018 review of meqasa.com

Meqasa has grown from its inception as a start-up company in 2013 to become Ghana’s leading real estate platform. Meqasa.com has achieved several milestones in the past 5 years to become Ghana’s most trusted source of real estate information. The year 2018 culminated Meqasa’s five year journey through a series of successful highlights including the acquisition of Jumia House in 2017 making it the largest marketplace for real estate in Ghana.

Last year, meqasa.com hosted its second housing fair dubbed the meqasa Property Expo in June 2018 at the Aviation Social centre that brought together the finest real estate developers, mortgage specialists and housing experts in the country to exhibit their properties, network and educate the public on taking informed decisions about real estate. This year meqasa is hosting  another massive housing fair at the Silver Star Tower in Accra from 6th-7th April 2019. You can register for this event at meqasa.com/fair.

In line with Meqasa’s efforts to create an environment that facilitates fast and convenient interactions between seekers and property owners or sellers, meqasa launched two mobile apps in June 2018 that allows users to conduct their business on the go. Over the period that the app was launched, it has received hundreds of downloads from both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store with huge customer satisfaction.

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The launch of the Meqasa mobile apps were part of a rebranding exercise to reflect Meqasa’s evolution from a  simple website for finding property to a powerful tool that allows seekers to make informed decisions and acts as a conduit for agents and developers to conduct their business. The rebranding exercise consisted of a new logo and colour scheme.

The new logo is cleaner and more precise, consisting of a simple flat house and a location icon. These two elements signify the ability of meqasa to locate property all over the country. The new brand colours are white, pink and dark blue which emphasizes the progression of meqasa from its inception.

As part of Meqasa’s five-year anniversary in 2018, meqasa.com donated computers to the Hope Christian Academy, a basic school in Gomoa Fetteh in the Central Region through a fundraising exercise. This was done as a goodwill gesture to give back to the society.

Meqasa also partnered with the Ghana Association of Real Estate Brokers (GAR) to launch Ghana’s first and only Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS is a one-stop shop for access to information for GAR members (brokers and agents) to make it easy for them to transact business, share information and also share properties with other agents. The MLS  will make it easy for real estate stakeholders to track real estate brokerage business trends and helps potential property seekers save time, money and avoid stress since they do not have to deal with multiple agents.

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Meqasa experienced a huge surge in revenue growth in 2018 by up to 129%. This growth in revenue can be attributed to an overall growth in all aspects of Meqasa’s operations.

Advertisers on Meqasa’s platform grew from 1,935 in 2017 to 2,845 in 2018 which represents a 47% growth in number.

Paying advertisers grew from 183 in 2017 to 206 in 2018 which represents a 13% growth in number.

The total number of sessions on Meqasa’s platform for 2017 was 758,818 and then grew to 1,332,071 representing a growth rate of 76%.

Meqasa’s page views experienced a 45% growth rate from 4,686,442 in 2017 to 6,813,852 in 2018.

The number of mobile users has also grown from 303,560 in 2017 to 516,721 which represents a growth rate of 70%.

2019 promises to be even more exciting for meqasa.com. With the current influx on scammers in the real estate industry, you can count on meqasa.com to give you trustworthy leads in real estate as well as bigger and better services.

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