ASA Savings & Loans Organises FMS for Tema New Town and Chantan Communities

ASA Savings and Loans Company Limited, a BoG licensed financial institution, has held a Free Medical Screening (FMS) for clients and members of the Tema New Town and Chantan communities.

The health screening activity, which forms part of the organisation’s corporate social responsibility (CSR), to give back to the communities in which it operates, was supported by Modern Care Clinic. ASA has this year budgeted US$100,000 for its Corporate Social Responsibilities in all branches

The FMS event offered medical check-up for hepatitis B, malaria, blood sugar, hypertension or high blood pressure, breast cancer and eye text.

The Managing Director, Modern Care Clinic, Akugri Abdul-Rahman, called for a change in culture to be able to reduce the rate at which Ghanaians are contracting communicable diseases like hepatitis B, tuberculosis HIV/AIDS which are always on the increase.

“we selected these communicable diseases that people carry around every day unknowingly, especially hepatitis B which is more common now than HIV/AIDS. The rate of hepatitis B contraction in the country is very alarming and what makes it scarier is that it has no cure.

“Malaria and sugar problems are now daily problems that people move with and so must be examined regularly to be able to detect them early and treat it as soon as possible,” he said.

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The Branch Manager, Tema New Town, Glanita Osei Agyeman, reiterated that a sound mind is a healthy body hence the need to make health care a core component of the human life.

“Once you are working with people, it is key that you seek for their welfare. It is not always about making profit or growing your balance sheet. ASA Savings and Loans understands what it means to give back to society and we have been doing this over the past years and we will continue to help our clients maintain or improve their health status,” she said.

She further explained that when you give a client loan facility today and the client dies in few days later due to health issues, it becomes a bad debt or non-performing loan. So, it is important that businesses help their clients to live healthy life.

Area Manager, Tema and Nungua, Pope Neequaye indicated that diagnosing some of these infections like breast cancer very early, makes it easier to treat   and that is what ASA is aiming to achieve with its FMS

“The Tema Branch has been in existence for the past nine years and we are in a good standing to give back to society.

“ASA Savings and Loans has a huge budget for CSR projects this year for all the communities in the eight regions in which we operate. It is not only health care delivering we considering but we are also giving scholarships to brilliant but needy students of our clients.

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“We will continue to expand our business across Ghana and bring services to people in the other regions that we are yet to reach so that they will also benefit from our CSR projects,” he said.

He also stated that the company’s main customer target is the informal sector workers like petty traders, market women and all the other economic activities that take place in that sector who cannot asses the commercial banking facilities.

Madam Glanita, also encourage the residence of Tema New Town community to continue doing business with ASA Savings and Loans because they have their welfare in mind and will continue to of assistance to them.

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