3rd edition of the Sustainability & Social Investment Awards launched

Nominations are open for the 3rd edition of the Sustainability & Social Investment Awards 2019, slated for the 29th November, 2019 at the Movenpick Ambassador hotel, Accra.

The Sustainability & Social Investment Awards is an initiative endorsed by the Ministry of Education, National Road Safety Commission among others and it is aimed at identifying and publicly recognizing the impact made by companies, CSI/CSR foundations, NGO’s, individuals and other implementing agencies through exemplary success in voluntarily improving the quality of life of people and communities.

The purpose of the SSI Awards among others is to create awareness and encourage companies in delivering high impact CSI/CSR projects that aligns with Government’s focus on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), to adopt multi stakeholder approach which leads to excellent outcomes and also, to infuse corporate social investments and innovations in the form of approach, usage of technology and expertise towards solving developmental challenges faced by the society, individuals and communities as a whole.

“The SDGs consist of 17 goals and are further subdivided into 169 targets applicable across both developing and developed countries. The SDGs focus on the greatest challenges faced by humanity with the aim of ending poverty and hunger, misery and war, unfairness and inequality. Clearly, governments alone cannot achieve this big agenda, nor should they. Businesses have enormous power, resources and knowledge to assist. Based on this fact we strongly believe that when most companies undertake CSI/CSR projects that follow up innovative solutions to specific problems in the domains of Social, Economic and Environmental challenges, the nation’s effort in achieving its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be accelerated resulting in a better state of the economy than what we currently see” said Mr. Adu-Gyamfi Isaac, events director.

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”We see ourselves as helping push the boundaries of what companies can do to help the nation achieve its sustainable development goals and by encouraging companies to increase their sustainability efforts and then manage and report the results, we’re hoping that the greater impact will be measurable” he added.

This year’s edition is themed “Celebrating impact brands and their sustainable legacies” and will be bigger and better as we unveil our Sustainability Plaque. It will also reward businesses that creatively approached CSR and those who are creating new standards, committing their organization to make social responsibility an integral part of their business.


The awards will be chosen based on the following categories;

  1. Best Company in Charitable Given
  2. Best Company in Clean Water Provision Project
  3. Best Company in Climate Change Mitigation Project
  4. Best Company in Community Development And Infrastructure Project
  5. Best Company in Community Support Project
  6. Best Company in Disability Employment.
  7. Best Company in Disability Support Project.
  8. Best Company in Economic Empowerment Project
  9. Best Company in Educational Sponsorship Project.
  10. Best Company in Educational Sustainability Program
  11. Best Company in Employee Volunteering Initiatives.
  12. Best Company in Environment Sustainability Project
  13. Best Company in Eradicating Streetism.
  14. Best Company in Financial Inclusion Project.
  15. Best Company in Girl Child Education Program.
  16. Best Company in Livelihood Empowerment.
  17. Best Company in Partnership for Community Development.
  18. Best Company in Post Disaster Rehabilitation Support
  19. Best Company in Promoting Arts & Culture
  20. Best Company in Promoting Agriculture And Agribusiness
  21. Best Company in Promoting Gender Equality
  22. Best Company in Promoting Good Health & Wellness
  23. Best Company in Promoting Good Sanitation & Hygiene Practices
  24. Best Company in Promoting Road Safety
  25. Best Company in Promoting Voluntary Blood Donation
  26. Best Company in Providing Educational Facilities
  27. Best Company in Providing Educational Support For The Disabled
  28. Best Company in Providing Health Facilities
  29. Best Company in Providing Sanitation Facilities
  30. Best Company in Providing Long-Term Health Support
  31. Best Company in Quality Healthcare Delivery Project.
  32. Best Company in Recycling Education & Practices
  33. Best Company in Skills Development Project
  34. Best Company in Social Enterprising Project
  35. Best Company in Specialty Healthcare Support Project
  36. Best Company in Stakeholder Engagement
  37. Best Company in Supporting Educational Institutions
  38. Best Company in Supporting Educational Projects/Programs
  39. Best Company in Supporting Local Content
  40. Best Company in Supporting Government Institutions
  41. Best Company in Supporting Health Institutions & Facilities
  42. Best Company in Supporting National Projects
  43. Best Company in Supporting SME’s & Start-ups
  44. Best Company in Supporting Sports Development
  45. Best Company in Sustainable Development Projects.
  46. Best Company in Women Empowerment
  47. Best Company in Workplace Diversity & Inclusion
  48. Best Company in Youth Development Program
  49. Best Company in Youth Empowerment Project
  50. Best Media Organization for SSI Reporting.
  51. Best Partnership in Health Project.
  52. Best Partnership in Education Project
  53. Best Partnership in Environment Sustainability Project
  54. Best Sports & Leisure Mentoring Program
  55. Best Company in Good Governance & Transparency in Sustainability Reporting
  56. SSI foundation of the Year.(Public/Private Company)
  57. SSI Project of the Year(Health, Education, Environment & SocioEconomic)
  58. SSI Ceo of the Year
  59. SSI Team of the Year
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The SSI Awards is powered by Ianmatsun Global Services Ltd in partnership with Firmus Advisory  a leading research company in Ghana.

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